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Baker Mayfield recreated Brett Favre’s epic draft jorts photo perfectly, and it’s everything


Baker Mayfield was selected No. 1 overall by the Cleveland Browns during the NFL draft on Thursday night from AT&T Stadium in Dallas. But a full 24 hours before he was selected first, the, former Oklahoma Sooner single handedly won the draft with this epic photo he posted on Twitter the eve before his NFL career began:


In case you aren’t aware, or are living under a rock, this is a recreation of the same exact epic photo of NFL Hall of Fame QB Brett Favre getting his NFL draft call back in 1991:


“I didn’t ask for a big party, my family set it all up,” Favre said of his draft experience in 2016 via the Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel. “I was not invited to New York or anything.”

Favre approves of the homage:

Mayfield has said in the past that Favre was one of the NFL quarterbacks he looked up to when he was growing up, and this sounds about right. Mayfield’s style of play, characterized by some as inventive and aggressive, whereas risky and out-of-control by others, has a lot of similarities to Favre’s.

Mayfield was projected to go in the top-10, but there was a lot of speculation leading up to the draft that Cleveland wanted Mayfield No. 1. This photo will probably go down in draft history, to say the least