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Noted millennial QB Josh Rosen is going to spend ‘a good chunk’ of his Cardinals contract on avocados so he can make guacamole

Let’s talk about nachos with the newest Arizona Cardinals quarterback.

Steve Clarkson's 13th Annual Quarterback Retreat Photo by Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

I spoke with Josh Rosen on Thursday, a couple of hours before the Cardinals made him the 10th pick in the NFL Draft, later than he thought he should have been picked. The interview was part of a press tour Rosen was doing for Tostitos. Rather than glibly mention chips one time, I decided to conduct an entire interview with Rosen on the subject of nachos.

Rosen’s conversation with SB Nation follows, lightly edited for clarity and length.

Have you ever noticed that the Tostitos logo includes two people holding a chip over a bowl of dip, hidden right in the middle?

JR: No, I have not noticed that before.

Would it rock your world to find out that those two letters are actually two people holding a chip over some dip?

JR: Not really.

(Note: This destroyed me when I found out. I couldn’t stand up for days.)

Fair enough. Do you prefer Scoops, those chips that are shaped like bowls, or ...

JR: Oh, I only ever eat Scoops.


JR: Only ever. Scoops and mild salsa. I can’t do spicy. Medium’s as high as I go.

You just would not eat regular, wavy-shaped tortilla chips?

JR: No. Exclusively Scoops.

What would you say to people who view Scoops as a gross perversion of the natural shape of a chip?

JR: To each is their own. Do not judge someone else, and we will not judge you.

Fair enough.

JR: I’m a big guacamole fan, so it’s just an opportunity to eat more guacamole.

I was gonna ask you about guacamole. You are a noted millennial. How much of your first contract do you intend to spend on avocados to make guacamole?

JR: A good chunk of it, definitely. And I’m a huge fan of Chipotle guacamole.


JR: Probably the biggest fan of Chipotle guacamole. But then I have to go with the normal chips.

Do you get queso as well at Chipotle, or do you keep things pretty buttoned up?

JR: I’m a purist. Just guacamole.

If you’re getting general tortilla chips, and you’re trying to load ‘em up and make loaded nachos, are you a guacamole man in that regard? Jalapeños? Chicken?

JR: I can’t go spicy. It’s just not in my taste buds. So I’ll avoid the jalapeños, but I’ll go cheese — and honestly, I would say pork is a little better than chicken with nachos. Pulled pork. Yeah, it’s a game-changer. So the chips, pork, maybe some sour cream, guacamole, and cheese, and that’s kind of my game.

What do you say to people who would say that bagged chips are not real nachos — that they’re this big chip plot to fake nachos?

JR: To each is their own. Do not judge me, and I will not judge you. Let me live my life.

If you could design any dish involving these chips, would it be loaded nachos with pulled pork, or would you go a different direction?

JR: Definitely loaded nachos with the pulled pork. There’s nothing like getting, like, that one loaded chip where the pork’s almost out, and you actually get it in your mouth and have it not all fall out. That’s what life’s all about.

My favorite thing might be the queso that comes in the jar, normally next to salsa on the shelf at the store. Do you pass on the queso and go exclusively salsa?

JR: I have had it in the past. But at the moment, I’m trying to keep my diet relatively clean. I think getting some tomatoes in that salsa, guacamole, that’s a pretty good healthy option for a snack.

Are you saying that the NFL might be anti-queso?

JR: Maybe not the NFL, but Josh Rosen’s gonna be.

If you had to only choose one thing that you could put with chips — only guac, only queso, only salsa — would there be one that would win out if it had to live by itself?

JR: Well, yeah. Guacamole, ‘cause it’s cheating. It’s a bunch of different ingredients. You’ve got your core avocados. You’ve got a bunch of other stuff in it. A little bit with salsa, but for the most part, it’s just tomatoes, onions, and whatnot. I would say guacamole’s got the most heft to it.

You were going to be in a nacho contest of some sort at the draft. Time got in the way, but what’s your approach to making a nacho dish in a competitive environment?

JR: My game plan would be to just be a quarterback — be fast and efficient, and determined, and convicted. Don’t mess around with anything that doesn’t need to be messed around with.