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6 reasons the Eagles drafting TE Dallas Goedert *in Dallas* was an amazing Cowboys troll

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Here’s some cold-blooded draft maneuvering.

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In the second round of the NFL Draft on Friday, the Eagles picked South Dakota State tight end Dallas Goedert. Maybe that’ll work out to be a great pick.

But it’s already a devastatingly mean pick. Let me explain.

1. The Eagles are the defending Super Bowl champions.

You may have heard that they play in the NFC East and are the Cowboys’ rivals.

2. They traded up to pick one spot ahead of the Cowboys.

That’s sure a shame for the Cowboys. The Eagles were sitting at No. 52, and they moved some picks around to jump up to No. 49, a spot ahead of Dallas.

3. They did this on the same day everyone found out Jason Witten’s retiring.

Witten’s been a star tight end for the Cowboys for a decade and a half. His retirement kind of came out of left field. The Cowboys need a new tight end, because Witten’s on his way to the Monday Night Football booth. Maybe Goedert was supposed to be that guy.

4. The draft is in Dallas.

5. The tight end’s name is literally Dallas.

6. The Eagles announced the pick by having their former kicker get up in front of a bunch of Cowboys fans and scream it at them on national TV.

The Eagles are already 1-0 against the Cowboys in 2018.