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Baker Mayfield livestreamed the draft from home and it’s perfect reality TV

The biggest moment of Mayfield’s life was broadcast live from his house, and it was excellent.

Baker Mayfield didn’t attend the 2018 NFL Draft in person, instead opting to stay home and watch the event like all of us did on his couch with friends, family and a dog.

Oh my lord it was perfect. More top draft prospects need to sit at home and film themselves sweating, panicking and ripping the hairs off their scalp in the biggest moment of their life. This was reality TV in its purest, sportsiest form.

The 19-minute livestream was so great because it let fans become a star for a few minutes and live vicariously through the No. 1 pick-to be. We were experiencing each moment as he was. Nothing was staged or edited out. This was real.

I hardly watch college football and have no interest in Cleveland Browns football (because lol) yet I became heavily invested in where Mayfield was going to end up. With a front-row seat to stare directly into his entire family’s eyes, it was hard not to.

If you missed the best channel the NFL Draft had to offer, here’s what you missed.

This extremely good dog tried to be the No. 1 pick

The opening seconds of the video show Baker staring at the TV and then WAIT A DOG.

I have no idea if this is Baker’s dog (his brother Matt has a lot of pics of the dog though). Regardless, you can’t open a livestream much better than this.

Baker Mayfield is the most nervous person on Earth

At this point, Mayfield is 11 minutes from finding out he’s the No. 1 pick. The Browns gave him very little heads up it seemed, and we can tell by how FREAKING NERVOUS this dude is.

He’s looking at his phone more frequently than me after I send an edgy tweet. His girlfriend is trying so hard to help him calm down, but he can’t stop chewing on his necklace and touching his phone. Dude is understandably a mess.

Baker Mayfield’s friend pranks him so hard

I have no idea who the man standing behind Mayfield with the backwards hat is, but he can be friends with me whenever he wants. There is no better prank than calling your friend at the time he’s expecting a call from a head coach to find out if he’s the No. 1 pick in the NFL freaking draft.

Mayfield really thought that was it. That was the call that was going to change his life forever. But nope, it was just Dude With Jokes.

I can’t even believe all he said was “You jackass,” afterwards.

Look how stressed Baker Mayfield is

You know when you text your crush and then you don’t know what to do with your hands or face or body or emotions or entire being.

Voila, here is Oh God It’s Happening Baker.

His girlfriend is trying to keep his skin on his body... He can’t stop rubbing his own face... He’s breathing deep.

This is the commercial before the final scene of your fave TV show... Except it’s real life and this is a livestream.

A commentator criticizes Baker Mayfield and he gives a thumbs up LMFAO


The call

Ok this is the real call, not the one from Dude With Jokes, though I wouldn’t put it past that clown to dial *67 and go for round 2.

The whole family is in shock here. Girlfriend is yelling, mom is trying not to cry, and honestly, Baker is struggling with emotions here. This moment was pure as hell, and the lowered TV volume brought the perfect drama.

Someone’s coming back to ruin it though.

The dog is back

This dog is determined to be the center of attention.

Oh, you busy Baker? You doing something right now? Bro I told you to go to the draft.

Now everyone in the room knows what’s happening

“Yes sir let’s go,” Mayfield says on the phone. “I’m ready”

**The whole room erupts and everyone starts crying**


Now, time for the public to find out

I love that we got to see the moment Baker Mayfield and his family heard his name called on live television. I love that the star of the entire show wasn’t even there, because he didn’t have to be. I love everything about these 19 minutes.

Everyone gets a hug. The dog gets pet. This is so happy, joyful and real.

And he experienced it in the comfort of his own damn home without the NFL profiting off his presence while wearing a passive-aggressive sweatshirt.