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Giants tackle A.J. Francis blasted the TSA for allegedly spilling his mother’s ashes

“Under all circumstances f*** yourself”

Arizona Cardinals v Washington Redskins Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Everyone hates the Transportation Security Administration (TSA). New York Giants defensive tackle A.J. Francis just has a better reason to hate it than most.

The four-year NFL veteran took to Twitter Monday morning to share a photo of his luggage. Inside are some clothes, an official “Notice of Baggage Inspection” from the TSA, and a loose scattering of mother’s cremains.

Yes. The TSA checked his bag so carelessly it spilled his deceased mother’s ashes in the process. Heads up — Francis’s tweets contain some well-earned profane language.

Francis’ mother passed away on June 26. He’d spent the past week in Arkansas celebrating her life before taking her ashes with him as he gears up for the 2018 season:

The TSA responded on Twitter with a canned response and a link that would allow Francis to file a formal complaint:

Francis had a pretty great response to the TSA’s hollow apology: