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Terrell Owens’ beef with Donovan McNabb was must-see TV

The Hall of Fame receiver and his Eagles quarterback deserve gold jackets in feuding

Terrell Owens and Donovan McNabb only played in 22 games together (including one Super Bowl). In that short span, they combined for 2,085 yards, 133 receptions, and 20 touchdowns. Their most remembered statistic? One juicy beef.

While separately lighting up the NFC for years, the pair formed a friendship during multiple Pro Bowls. Once Owens had the chance to leave San Francisco, they lobbied to play together, and it looked to be a dominant pairing as soon as they hit the field. However, barely more than a year following their first regular-season game as a duo, Owens was suspended by the Eagles, and eventually deactivated and set up to be released.

We all remember the scenes of driveway workouts and him going to NFC East rival Dallas, but how we got from one point to the next takes a bit of unpacking. How could two guys who loved each other and played so well together get to the point of not wanting to speak off the field?

It involves a lot, but the best beefs do.