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Bears fans try — and fail — a Cody Parkey field goal challenge in snowy Chicago

Turns out, kicking a 43-yard field goal isn’t so easy

One hundred three would-be kickers tried their hand at kicking a 43-yard field goal at a Chicago brewery on Saturday, and all 103 missed, one week after Bears kicker Cody Parkey had his potential game-winning field goal as time ran out hit the upright and crossbar in a loss to the Eagles.

Goose Island Brewery in Chicago was tired of seeing all the flack Parkey was getting, so they offered fans the chance to put up or shut up.

The conditions in Chicago were not ideal by any means, with snow on the ground amid flurries on a cold Saturday. It made for a beautiful setting, at least.

The plan to entice would-be kickers with free beer was thwarted, and Goose Island had to alter their prize strategy. Per Eater Chicago:

Turns out the promotion couldn’t clear the crossbar legally and the brewery will now give away tickets to NFL games with the grand prize winner earning a trip to Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta where the Bears will not be playing.

None of the attempts were by actual field goal kickers, so as you might imagine many of the attempts were quite bad. The first kicker really set the tone for the day:

Spectators had to be on their toes:

Some of the tries weren’t terrible, at least. Nice helmet!

In the end, the count was 103 field goal attempts, and zero makes.

At the very least, Bears fans did get their pound of flesh in the form of a botched attempt by this Eagles fan.

Revenge is a dish best served cold, I guess.