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The Saints’ Teddy Bridgewater-inspired ‘Choppa Style’ dance moves, explained

You should probably expect to see somebody doing “Bike Life” at some point during the NFC Championship.

No team produces more signature dances than the New Orleans Saints. With one more win separating the team from its first trip to the Super Bowl in nine years, Drew Brees picked the perfect time to give the Saints another one.

Brees turned 40 on Tuesday, but fortunately for the Saints, he doesn’t have a lot of time to celebrate it. Preparations for an NFC Championship against the Los Angeles Rams meant Brees’ birthday was a work day.

But his wife Brittany planned ahead with an elaborate surprise party Sunday night — just a few hours after the Saints got a 20-14 win over the Philadelphia Eagles. Among the guests was Choppa, a New Orleans-area rapper who has been a hit in the Saints locker room in 2018 and will be performing at halftime Sunday.

Brees showed off his “Beanie Weenie” dance at the 40th birthday bash, but not before first doing Teddy Bridgewater’s dance to a song that Choppa wrote just for the occasion:

Teddy Bridgewater’s Choppa Style dance took hold for the Saints

The former Vikings quarterback signed with the Jets in the offseason and was traded to the Saints at the end of August.

His only significant play time of the season came in Week 17 while Brees was getting rested for the playoffs, but Bridgewater still endeared himself to his teammates with his postgame dance moves. The best was his one-legged motorcycle dance to Choppa’s “Choppa Style” that he calls “Bike Life.”

Here’s the dance’s debut after a Week 14 win over the Buccaneers:

And after a Monday Night Football win over the Panthers a week later:

And again after a Week 16 win over the Steelers:

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Bikes Up!!!! @therealking_rjj @thereal_larry

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Bridgewater later explained that he borrowed it from a pair of high schoolers from his alma mater:

It made its way on to the field after a Michael Thomas touchdown in that win over the Steelers:

And into Brees’ living room, where his kids did it during Christmas time:

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Brees Family Choppa Style Christmas Eve!

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Brees didn’t invent the ‘Beanie Weenie’ (or even do it well), but he’s owning it

At his birthday party Sunday night, Brees did the “Beanie Weenie” which dates all the way back to the early 90s via DJ Jubilee.

It’s not his first time either. Here it is in the locker room a couple months ago:

Six years ago, Ravens receiver Jacoby Jones — who was born and raised in New Orleans — busted out his version of the “Beanie Weenie” in Super Bowl 47:

And if the Saints can win Sunday, there’s a good chance it’ll make its return to the Super Bowl.

This is nothing new for the Saints

Earlier in the season, New Orleans musical artist Shamarr Allen released “Hit the Sean Payton.”

That was a reference to Payton showing off his dance moves in a video shot by Alvin Kamara after the Saints’ playoff win over the Panthers a year ago:

After the song by Allen was released, there was video from Ted Ginn Jr. of — wait for it — Sean Payton hitting the Sean Payton to “Hit the Sean Payton.”

There’s also that team photo pose celebration you’ve probably seen every NFL team do. There’s some dispute about which team came up with it, but the Saints are adamant that it’s a black-and-gold original.

Two more signature dances from a pair of quarterbacks is perfectly on brand for the Saints.

Beware the trolling

The problem with having a dance all your own is that opposing players love to take them.

Here’s Antonio Brown doing it after scoring a touchdown against the Saints in December:

And Curtis Samuel after a 52-yard touchdown in Week 17:

The latter said he meant no disrespect by it, he just thinks it’s a “sweet dance.”

It was to be expected that we’d see “Bike Life” or the “Beanie Weenie” during the NFC Championship. Unfortunately for the Saints, it was the Rams dancing on their way to Super Bowl 53.

Rams defensive back John Johnson gave the Saints a taste of their own medicine with his won version of the celebration after his overtime interception in the NFC Championship Game.

And then there was more dancing for the Rams in the locker room.