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NFL psychic Tony Romo’s Super Bowl 53 prediction is both specific and vague

CBS color commentator Tony Romo won’t tell us who will win Super Bowl 53, but he did say exactly how the game will end.

Tony Romo is just two years into his new career as a color commentator, but he’s already arguably the best in the business. His enthusiasm and bubbly personality has made him fun to listen to, but it’s his ability to make spot-on predictions that has really garnered attention and praise.

MLB star Bryce Harper even asked Romo to use his oracle skills to predict where the outfielder will sign in free agency and Romo obliged.

Unfortunately, Romo can’t give much of a Super Bowl 53 prediction, though. He’ll be in the commentary booth for CBS and that means staying objective and neutral.

But Romo still put his fortune telling to the test by giving an exact final score prediction Wednesday. He even added a few details about how he thinks the duel between the New England Patriots and Los Angeles Rams will end.

That’s awfully specific, but the Patriots’ recent Super Bowl history lends it some credence. All eight times a Tom Brady-led Patriots team has been in the Super Bowl, the game has been an instant classic.

The Eagles’ 41-33 win in Super Bowl 52 a year ago and the Patriots’ 34-28 overtime win in Super Bowl 51 are the only two times a Brady Super Bowl was decided by a margin of more than four points.

History suggests Romo’s 28-24 guess is a good one — it was even the exact score of the Patriots’ win over the Seahawks in Super Bowl 49. Romo’s recent history on the job also suggests we should take his prediction as gospel.