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Todd Gurley offers potential winning Gatorade prop bet if you think Rams will win Super Bowl 53

Super Bowl 50 - Carolina Panthers v Denver Broncos Photo by Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

One of my favorite Super Bowl prop bets is “Color of Liquid Poured on Winning Coach”. As time is winding down at the end of most Super Bowls, players on the winning sideline will grab a Gatorade jug and dump the contents on their head coach. You can bet on it, with options at including clear/water, yellow, red, blue, purple, green/lime, and orange.

Last week, somebody decided to try and get some inside information on what the Los Angeles Rams Gatorade of choice. The person tweeted at Todd Gurley for an answer, and the Rams running back responded.

In case you’re wondering, here is what Ice Punch Gatorade looks like:

Ice Punch Gatorade

If you think the Rams are going to win Super Bowl 53, then you might be inclined to beat on clear. That is currently the favorite at +250. Yellow is +300, and Blue and Orange are tied at +400. Sometimes the Gatorade bath does not happen, but there are no odds offered for “No Liquid”.

If you’re skeptical about the Rams’ chances this weekend, the New England Patriots have history to consider. In five Super Bowl victories, three times there was no Gatorade bath, one time it was clear, and one time it was blue. If the Patriots win on Sunday, they would match the Steelers with a sixth Super Bowl victory. Maybe that is enough to get Bill Belichick a Gatorade bath?