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The best reactions from players after the Bears’ double-doink loss to the Eagles

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The end of Sunday’s game between the Chicago Bears and Philadelphia Eagles was wild, and hinged on a missed field goal that was SO CLOSE. The Bears took the lead in the final three minutes with a touchdown, then the Eagles took it back with a touchdown of their own, leaving only a minute on the clock.

But Mitchell Trubisky drove the Bears into field goal range, where Cody Parkey kicked a game-winner ... except not, because the Eagles called timeout. On the re-kick, Parkey’s 43-yard attempt hit the left upright, then the crossbar, and bounced backward instead of forward — no good.

The kick attempt came with 10 seconds left and just about everyone thought the Bears were about to snatch victory at the last moment. They did not.

Let’s check in on Trubisky...

Is there still some hope in those eyes? Any at all? Because there’s definitely none in the guy to his left, in the bottom right of the picture. That man looks as though he’s lost everything.

Oh ... so no hope. None at all. Extinguished. Let’s see how Parkey, who missed 10 field goals in the regular season, is holding up.

Ah, not so good. What about the guys behind him? They look like they’re having fun ...

And Matt Nagy?

What about the mascot? Surely there’s ... oh. Poor fella.

This was about as close as a game gets.