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Ranking all 16 of Super Bowl 2019’s possible matchups, including that Chiefs-Rams rematch

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One of these pairings will happen, but which one are you hoping for in Super Bowl 53?

Kansas City Chiefs v Los Angeles Rams Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Back on Nov. 19, the Chiefs and Rams put on one of the greatest regular-season games in NFL history. On Feb. 3, they could treat the world to a rematch in the biggest game of the year.

Kansas City and Los Angeles each begin their road to Super Bowl 53 this weekend after their superior regular-season records earned them a free pass to the Divisional Round of 2019’s NFL playoffs. Now they’re just two wins away from running back Week 11’s instant classic that saw the Chiefs score 51 points and somehow still come up short against the Rams’ multifaceted attack.

But that’s not the only sequel we could see on Super Bowl Sunday. The Rams could meet up with the Chargers after their Week 3 35-23 win. The surging Eagles could replay the surging Colts in a battle to determine which of these teams has transformed more as 2018 wore on. Same goes for a potential Dallas-Indianapolis round 2.

If those rematches don’t leave you counting down the days until February, there are plenty of other great storylines that will. Andrew Luck’s comeback in Indianapolis. Nick Foles’ inexplicable magic in Philadelphia. Drew Brees’ never-ending brilliance in New Orleans.

You’ve got small markets and big markets. Recent champions and teams who haven’t hoisted the Lombardi Trophy in decades. And a grand stage for some of the best quarterbacks in league history. There’s no such thing as a bad Super Bowl matchup in 2019 — but some games are most interesting than others.

Tier IV: Totally fine games with the capacity to be great

16. Colts-Cowboys

15. Colts-Eagles

14. Chargers-Cowboys

13. Chargers-Eagles

Three of the four teams in these matchups finished the year on season-defining hot streaks, The fourth is the Chargers, who would be working to deliver Philip Rivers his first NFL title. We’ve got small, quiet fanbases and loud, angry ones. These are all good games, but on paper, they’re not as exciting as the rest of 2019’s potential showdowns.

Tier III: Tier IV, just with more offense

12. Chiefs-Cowboys

11. Colts-Rams

10. Colts-Saints

9. Chiefs-Eagles

Our next tier features all four of our teams above, just paired with opponents likely to turn up the scoring. A renewed Andrew Luck vs. two passing defenses that can’t crack the top 20 in opposing passer efficiency is a breeding ground for an inspiring performance. Chiefs-Cowboys would likely see Ezekiel Elliott earn 50 carries in an attempt to keep the ball out of Patrick Mahomes’ hands as long as humanly possible. Chiefs-Eagles is the Foles Bowl, for better or worse.

Tier II: the Patriots, again

The bad news is that it’d be another Patriots Super Bowl — the fourth in five years. The good news is that every single Patriots Super Bowl is awesome. Under Bill Belichick, New England has never played an NFL title game whose final score was decided by more than a single possession. Even if you’re sick of the two weeks of breathless Tom Brady hype that comes after the Pats win the AFC title, you can’t deny they make great television on the league’s biggest stage

7. Patriots-Cowboys

6. Patriots-Rams

5. Patriots-Eagles

4. Patriots-Saints

A Brees-Brady matchup leads this list of potential matchups — a game that would also feature the chef’s kiss pairing of All-Pro cornerback Stephon Gilmore and All-Pro wide receiver Michael Thomas — but there’s a wealth of fun to be found elsewhere. Like in a rematch of Super Bowl 52 with the Eagles. Or the battle to find the NFL’s most hateable franchise in a Pats-Cowboys showdown. Or Sean McVay’s quest to light up a New England defense that ranks 29th in rushing yards allowed per carry and 22nd in passing yards allowed per game.

Tier I: All offense errrthang

4. Chargers-Rams

3. Chargers-Saints

2. Chiefs-Saints

1. Chiefs-Rams

There are plenty of legacies to be made here. Mahomes can prove he’s Kansas City’s savior by delivering the franchise’s first NFL championship in nearly 50 years. Brees can bump himself up a tier in the Hall of Fame by adding a second Super Bowl ring to his collection. Rivers, the man who chased Brees out of San Diego, can ensure his spot in the Hall of Fame by finally locking down the championship that eluded him while he toiled in front of half-empty stadiums across southern California.

These games feature fresh faces, enthralling backstories, and the high-octane offenses that will keep even the most casual fan glued to the screen. And if there’s even a chance November’s 54-51 shootout could happen again, well, that’s gotta take precedence over anything else.