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The Broncos’ playcalling is so conservative even boring AF Joe Flacco is calling it out

Noted milquetoast quarterback Joe Flacco wants the Broncos to stop playing like they’re scared to lose.

Denver Broncos v Indianapolis Colts Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Joe Flacco isn’t the most animated fella.

His permanent air of nonchalance has drawn criticism over the course of his career. That includes some harping from Broncos fans who are in their first year of the Flacco experience.

“When things are going bad, it’s a lack of intensity,” Broncos coach Vic Fangio told reporters of Flacco’s demeanor earlier in October. “It’s a lack of enthusiasm. I think that’s just going to continue to be the dialogue as it relates to Joe Flacco and his career.”

It’s just who Flacco is. So it says a lot when that guy is the one calling out the Broncos coaches for not taking chances. While Flacco was far from hysterical in a postgame presser following a 15-13 loss to the Colts, those who know him best — like longtime Ravens receiver Torrey Smith — could tell he was about as fired up as he ever gets.

“I Just felt like, what do we have to lose? Like why can’t be aggressive in some of these situations? That’s kind of how I feel about the game today.”

That’s coming from a quarterback who is conservative football personified. His career best passer rating in a season was 93.6 way back in 2010 and his best ever touchdown total is 27. He was replaced in Baltimore when the team decided it needed a significant dose of electricity via Lamar Jackson. That decision has turned the Ravens from an aggressively dull team into the NFL’s most fun to watch.

Flacco’s the human version of a Honda Civic, or an Impossible Whopper, or a Mad About You marathon, or the salad option at a steakhouse. And this is the guy that thinks the Broncos are being too boring.

His frustration with the Broncos is warranted too. The playcall that appears to have bothered him most in Week 8 came on a third down near midfield with two minutes left in the game. Five yards and a first down would’ve put the game on ice, but the Broncos opted for an entirely predictable run up the middle with Phillip Lindsay that was easily sniffed out by the Colts for no gain.

The Broncos punted and the Colts drove into Denver territory to kick a game-winning 51-yard field goal. It was the third time in 2019 that the Broncos lost on a last-minute field goal.

Like Flacco said, this is a 2-6 football team. Playing to win a game instead of playing not to lose is overdue at this point. It’d also make the Broncos, even if slightly, a more exciting team.