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Dak Prescott Dances To Anything is the best meme of NFL Week 10 and possibly the season

This morning I woke up, grabbed my phone, tapped the #DakDancestoAnything hashtag on Twitter and then wasted about 30 minutes before getting out of bed. So now to catch up on work, I’m putting it here on this website.

Dak Prescott Dancing became a meme thanks to the NBC broadcast of Sunday Night Football, which showed this footage of the quarterback warming up before Cowboys-Vikings.

This is both perfectly normal and incredibly funny, and immediately became fodder for jokes. First, please look this very good tweet from my co-worker Hector Diaz:

In fact, there were lots of good tweets for us to enjoy. They are below:

Even Ezekiel Elliot got in on the fun:

Elliott took it one further after scoring a touchdown against the Lions on Sunday. You can probably guess what his celebration was:

If someone could get Monday Night Football Cat involved in a remix, that would be great.

Anyway, and perhaps more importantly, the Cowboys lost, 28-24, to the Vikings on national television and are now tied with the Eagles atop the NFC East at 5-4.