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Every offensive lineman touchdown should be a beer celebration now

This is a statement of fact.

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I have a new favorite NFL tradition, and it’s not even two weeks old! In back-to-back weeks, we’ve seen teams celebrate touchdowns against the Jacksonville Jaguars by doing beer-related celebrations.

During Week 12’s Titans-Jags game, Tennessee guard Dennis Kelly celebrated his 1-yard touchdown reception by shotgunning some brewskis with his fellow linemen:

This is pretty on-brand for the Titans’ O-line — during the 2017 Stanley Cup Finals, they chugged beers with catfish at the game.

Just a week before, the ColtsQuenton Nelson’s amazing keg stand celebration after it looked like he scored a 1-yard TD:

Unfortunately for Nelson, his score was overturned upon review, but it absolutely counts in my eyes because of the celebration alone. Apparently, the decision to do the keg stand celebration was reserved solely for Nelson.

“We didn’t practice it for at least three weeks or more, but when we knew Quenton’s number was going to be called, we knew we were going to do the keg stand,” Colts guard Mike Glowinski said via the Indianapolis Star.

Nelson added that his beer of choice is Bud Light, which I very much approve of.

I can’t imagine offensive linemen celebrating touchdowns any other way, and hopefully this inspires more teams to dial up plays for the big men. It’s probably a coincidence that both of these AFC South team celebrations came against the Jaguars, but that’s pretty funny, too. You’d think a team whose fanbase has a Duval culture would be the one doing beer celebrations, but the 4-7 Jags haven’t had much to celebrate lately.

I, for one, hope this tradition continues for the rest of the season and beyond.