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The Cowboys’ plane couldn’t fly after their loss to the Eagles. The jokes write themselves!

Lmao, Go Cowboys.

Sunday was not a great day for the Dallas Cowboys, to say the least. They went to Philadelphia and lost 17-9. It was a hugely important game, too, one that would have clinched the NFC East for the Cowboys if they had won.

Instead, the Eagles are now in the driver’s seat for the division title, and if they win against the Giants next week, they’ll make it into the playoffs. Meanwhile, Dallas would need an Eagles loss and to beat Washington next week to make it in.

As if the loss wasn’t embarrassing enough, the Cowboys couldn’t even leave Philly after the game. When Dallas tried to fly back to Texas, the plane apparently wasn’t safe enough to fly:

Another report added that the plane was having “mechanical issues.”

The jokes about all this write themselves.

  • This is pretty appropriate for this team tbh, this Cowboys team couldn’t even break the plane today! Philly’s defense held the Cowboys’ offense to just three field goals.
  • You could say there are no touchdowns for the Cowboys today.
  • I also really hope that Jerry Jones pulls a former USC AD Pat Haden and fires Jason Garrett on the tarmac just like he did to Lane Kiffin. The Cowboys are going to fly on a smaller aircraft. I’m just sayin’, firing Garrett on the tarmac and making him find his own way home would solve this issue, Jerry!
  • It is fly Eagles fly, not fly Cowboys fly, just saying!
  • Also, this is a true statement:

After a couple of hours, the plane got fixed and Dallas was able to board the plane, but the Cowboys being stuck in the city of their team’s biggest rivals for longer than they anticipated probably wasn’t very fun.


You really can’t make this stuff up, folks. I can’t wait for the ESPN 30 for 30 documentary on Cowboys planegate in 10 years!