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Kliff Kingsbury is a coward if he doesn’t draft Kyler Murray

Murray is now all-in on the NFL. The Cardinals should pick him No. 1.

The Arizona Republic-USA TODAY NETWORK

Dear Coach Kingsbury:

Last year before Kyler Murray and the Oklahoma Sooners visited Lubbock, you stated that you’d take him with the top overall pick, should the opportunity present itself. And would ya look at that, you’ve decided to take over the Arizona Cardinals, a squad that earned such an honor. Now Murray has officially chosen football over baseballand hired Kingsbury’s agent to represent him.

Huh. Funny how things happen.

But don’t you go backing out now, lest you come off looking more cowardly than Kate Winslet when she wouldn’t take turns on the floating door. Why wouldn’t you draft him? Because Josh Rosen looked like such a promising crown jewel to move forward with? The man just put up a season worse than the rookie years of dynamos like Blake Bortles, Brandon Weeden, EJ Manuel, Matt McGloin, and Christian Ponder.

What’s that you say? Y’all just spent a top-10 pick on him? That’s not a you problem, that’s a Steve Keim problem. But explain to him how the Cowboys preceded their 1990s dynasty by not only investing first-round picks, but investing what were ultimately first overall picks on quarterbacks in back-to-back years.

If Murray’s your guy, if he’s the one you wanna be tethered to for the next decade-plus as you so confidently declared last October, make it happen. Yes, it would be outside the box, but so are you. Your entire offense, scheme, philosophies, coaching identity are outside the box.

So take him.

Do it.

Do it because quarterback is the most important position, the focal point of the game.

Do it because if you hit a home run with that selection and get that position right, your tenure in the desert will surely be quite fruitful.

Do it because Rosen is a sunk cost that you can’t let infect your decision-making moving forward.

Do it because you should have the right — nay, obligation — to determine the QB you work with.

Do it to maintain your honor as someone who keeps his word.

But most of all, do it because I’m a Niners fan who wants to see Nick Bosa drop to No. 2.