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So was that the worst Super Bowl halftime show ever?

Will this one be loved?

Pepsi Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

The halftime show of Super Bowl LIII starring Maroon 5, Travis Scott and Big Boi was ... something. There were expectations the show was going to be a let down, but was this the worst halftime show of the modern era?

Justin Timberlake was way worse than this

I get it — a milquetoast band that has only stayed moderately relevant because the lead singer is now a reality TV star was always going to be a bad production. And the way this show was designed was bunk — teases of Travis Scott and Big Boi, only to cutback to Adam Levine one article of clothing lighter and singing another song that was only ever tolerable on a car radio when your favorite station was in commercial.

But overall it was inoffensive. Now let’s talk Justin Timberlake.

JT’s show was just as middling in energy and self-serious as Levine’s, only there was nothing as fun as Big Boi rolling up in a Cadillac and furs to cut through the extreme eye rolling.

BUT WORSE was JT’s tribute to Prince. The deceased icon was projected up on a big white sheet while Timberlake sang one of Prince’s song — a fact that Prince hinted that he would have hated before his death.

Also Coldplay was worse than Maroon 5, too. Yeah, Beyoncé showed up at that one and turned it into her own show, but the Coldplay segments of that were AGONY. AGONY I say.

Louis Bien

Pepsi Super Bowl LIII Halftime Show Photo by Al Bello/Getty Images

Yes, this was terrible.

I know people like to be nice, or put an exceptionally high bar on the term “worst,” but this was terrible. In concept I don’t hate Maroon 5, in fact I think most of their stuff is pretty catchy — but give me a break. Adam Levine barely looked interested in performing, and substituted his lack of passion for just removing articles of clothing until he was just family-friendly enough not to get FCC emails.

The worst part is that time and time again we kept getting rescued from mediocrity. First by Travis Scott, then by Big Boi — and both times they got to be on stage for about 90 seconds before handing it back to Maroon 5 to bore us some more.

I could forgive this whole thing if there was some sort of showmanship in it all. You’ve got to understand that we’ve seen Lady Gaga jump off a stadium, Katy Perry ride a giant lion mech, Prince perform “Purple Rain” IN THE FRIGGIN’ RAIN! Maroon 5 had an M-shaped stage and some fireballs.

The most exciting thing that happened was Big Boi riding onto the field in a Cadillac.

— James Dator

Yes, what a total snoozefest

Look, I don’t want to pile on to Adam Levine and Maroon 5 (who I enjoy most the time), but woof that was not fun. I don’t need a perfect-sounding performance, but at least act like you’re stoked to be there. If your energy level is upstaged by the 3-0 first half we just saw on the football field, you’re doing things wrong.

‘She Will Be Loved’ is a fine song, but it has the excitement of a kale salad for a big stage like this. Even flames and floating light globes can’t change that.

Even the parts that got good (Spongebob, the choir, BIG BOI) were so quickly ended that you didn’t even get a chance to get excited about it. I joked about this before the game, but this would have been far more entertaining:

Caroline Darney

Tall Justin Bieber wouldn’t stop taking off clothes or interrupting better, more interesting artists

This was the concert equivalent of watching an in-flight movie. Maroon 5 started fully clothed and playing their best song and everything just got progressively worse from there. Any time someone else tried to jump in with the promise of injecting some actual energy into Levine’s sleepy, monotone singing (Spongebob, Travis Scott, Big Boi), Maroon 5 would pop back up, play one of the hottest songs you’ve ever heard at a laundromat or doctor’s office, and get a little bit more naked. — Christian D’Andrea

It was fine.

I have zero expectations for any Super Bowl halftime show, which is the correct way to come into things. You can’t expect a Prince-type classic every year, something that only gets better the further we get away from it.

Most everyone came into the night wanting to hate a Maroon 5 halftime show, so when we didn’t get a great performance, it only made them hate it more. I didn’t expect anything, which made a not-great halftime show neither good nor bad.

Who caaaaares. Back to the game now. — Sarah Hardy

It was dope.

You know who DID enjoy it? Dad tweeter LeBron James, even if he wish we had seen more of Travis Scott:

The King has spoken.