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The Saints fans’ Boycott Bowl was more interesting than the actual Super Bowl

Super Bowl 53 was lame, but New Orleans was not.

New Orleans sports are having a tough go of things in 2019. The Saints were one missed call away from possibly making the Super Bowl, and Pelicans’ star Anthony Davis requested a trade.

But NOLA is channeling its anger — and there’s a lot, Saints fans have even sued the NFL over the non-call — into a giant party all Super Bowl-long, and it looks like they had more fun than anybody.

Between the the Choppa Style playing:

The platform dancing:

The flag waving:

The ref dunking:

The penalty flag dressing:

And the giant crowd:

New Orleans did things right.

This looked a heckuva lot more exciting than the actual Super Bowl, of which there were very few winners. A miserably slow, punt-filled championship game didn’t see a touchdown until the fourth quarter. The final score was 13-3, and worst of all, the Patriots won again.

Anyone who watched — even the New England fans — lost. There was little action or controversy. Or anything. It’ll just be another ring for Brady.

But Saints fans will have something to remember. This was an impressive gathering. And it wasn’t like boring old Super Bowl 53.