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Ed Oliver and Devin White, top prospects in the 2019 NFL Draft, want to buy horses, not cars

Oliver and White are two of the scariest defenders in the draft — and they both LOVE horses.

INDIANAPOLIS — Houston defensive tackle Ed Oliver and LSU linebacker Devin White are two of the most acclaimed and ferocious players on defense in the 2019 NFL Draft. They have highlight reel after highlight reel full of devastating hits and crushing blows.

Both have been All-Americans for their stellar play on defense. Oliver owns an Outland Trophy and White has a Butkus Award.

They both just so happen to love horses. No, not the digital type in Red Dead. The real-life 1,000-pound variety that can toss you aside with ease.

Oliver has four horses. His first was Caledonia. The second was Oreo, a horse Oliver said was “stubborn and ignorant.”

“I swear that horse tried to kill me a couple times,” Oliver said. “But fighting with that horse is really the reason I became fearless and why going up against guys 6’5, 300 pounds is a walk in the park. You fight with a 1,000-pound animal, I’m not worried about 300 pounds.”

White, who has ridden horses since he was 5 years old, has had no such trouble riding his. Don’t forget, he rode his horse, Daisy Mae, around the LSU campus last year.

White is a self-described pro horse rider and owns seven of them.

“Getting thrown? No, that’s never been me,” White said. “I do the riding. I don’t let the horse ride me.”

When White makes it to the NFL, he’s not going to buy a fancy sports car or a house. He has a whole detailed plan to get more horses.

“I’m going to go buy more horses like Daisy Mae,” White said. “My old horses are Tennessee walkers. Daisy Mae is a standardbred. I want to get into the standardbred business and get out of the Tennessee walker business.”

Just don’t expect White to get into the thoroughbred game. He was adamant that he’s sticking with the standardbred.

“I will be at the Breeder’s Cup in New Orleans after my pro day on the 23rd. So y’all be looking for me in a pretty suit and a hat on at the Breeder’s Cup,” White said “I’m into (thoroughbreds) and I like to watch them run, but I don’t ride them.

“I want to show them in shows. I want to race them. I want to breed. I just want to ride them and enjoy myself.”

Similarly, Oliver doesn’t have his sights on a car either with his first paycheck.

“I would have a barn with some horses and some stock in there, and maybe some cows,” Oliver said. “I’ve never been a cow guy, but I don’t know. They got bulls that you can sell their semen and make a lot of money like that. For real.”