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Get your 100 percent accurate NFL Draft scouting report

Give us your name and we’ll give you your NFL Draft scouting report!

The NFL Draft is here again, and once more we pore over scouting reports, salivating and recoiling in fear when our favorite teams make a pick. With a firm belief that turnabout is fair play, we want to give you the ability to make your own scouting report too — full of the same dumb terminology and inane justifications for players that we’ll hear all weekend long.

We used powerful computer technology to build just such a tool. It’s a state-of-the-art algorithm which replicates actual NFL Draft scouting reports, with a fun twist.

SB Nation’s 100-percent Accurate Draft Scouting Report Generator features thousands of potential combinations that form together to make your perfect scouting report. Some will relate to football, others won’t — and the result might even make you mad. This is the essence of being a college football player on draft day, watching as your character is picked apart.

Try it out! Then send it to your friends to make your own big board of character concerns and quirks that will make you utterly undraftable.

If the generator is not showing up for you, click here!

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