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Eli Manning and Daniel Jones are the New York Giants’ own Spider-Man meme

What the ...

The Giants have been slammed for their draft decision to select Daniel Jones to become their next Eli Manning, but little did we know they were actually drafting him to literally become Manning. A shocking photo from OTAs revealed that the Giants now have identical twin quarterbacks.

At first glance you might say “James, these are just two quarterbacks. I don’t get it.” My response is simple: Look at this.

There’s no other answer than Jones was drafted because he is Manning’s doppelgänger. Think about it: Dave Gettleman is an old man who likes familiarity. Nobody in the NFL world can understand why the Giants took Jones with the No. 6 pick except Gettleman, who says there’s a grand plan behind this.

The Giants’ GM has gone so far as to say Jones could start right now — or he could sit three years behind Manning and take over. There’s a clear reason for this: To Gettleman he has two quarterbacks who are the exact same person. You know when you meet an old person and they keep calling you the wrong name, but you let it go because it’s not worth it to you to correct them, and/or you don’t want to embarrass the elderly? That’s what the Giants have going on.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Jones has been called “Eli” at least 30 times already by Gettleman, and he doesn’t have the heart to tell him he’s not. People have been wondering why it’s taken the Giants so long to move on from Manning, and it’s simply because previously they haven’t found someone who is identical to him.

Until now.