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The Music City Miracle needs a deep rewind

We remember the return, but what about everything that led us to that point?

Couple of fun facts for the next party you attend (if it’s not in Buffalo)

  1. Kevin Dyson had never returned a kick of any sort in the NFL before the Music City Miracle
  2. Dyson was on the field because Derrick Mason had been banged up earlier in the game, and Mason’s backup Anthony Dorsett was suffering from cramps
  3. This was the first playoff win for Jeff Fisher. He’d win two more in these playoffs, then two more in the next 16 years of his career.

That last one can be mentioned at Buffalo based parties and really don’t have much to do with the Music City Miracle, it’s just a fun Fisher fact.

When the Titans and Bills met on Wild Card Weekend in 1999, they were franchises in very different places. Tennessee was not far removed from being the Oilers, and from being in Houston. Their new leaders were making their very first playoff appearance. And they had zero quarterback controversy.

The Bills meanwhile were making their tenth trip to the playoffs in 12 seasons. They were looking to move past the major disappointments of the 90s, but to do so had just made a massive change at the quarterback position. We all know the Music City Miracle, but do you remember what got us to that point?

For that, we need to rewind.