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3 beefs in NFL history that are all about REVENGE (and are better for it)

The best kind of beef.

Welcome to Revenge Week at SB Nation NFL, where we are celebrating the dish that’s best served cold. You can keep up with all our latest revenge content here.

Beef takes many forms in the sports world. It can happen between teammates, or between a player and their coach. It can happen between players who barely face off but just don’t like one another. And while those conflicts can be interesting, some of the most satisfying beefs require the opportunity for revenge.

Take Cams Jordan and Newton. The former had to watch the latter win the NFC South for three straight years and make a run to the Super Bowl. But he got the chance for revenge, and some thoughtful gift-giving, too.

Then there’s old buddies Jim Harbaugh and Pete Carroll. You think Pete didn’t remember his USC squad losing — as SIX-TOUCHDOWN FAVORITES — to Harbaugh’s Stanford Cardinal when he got the win in the 2013 NFC Championship?

And then there’s one of my personal favorites. Mike Shanahan got 20 games as head coach of the Raiders before Al Davis put an end to their power struggle. So what did Shanahan do? Went back to the Broncos, got the head coaching gig, and then spent the better part of 14 seasons getting revenge his old boss.

Got more revenge-related beefs you want to see us make a video about? Leave them in the comments or go tweet @wbuik. (While you’re there, ask him what he was doing the last time the Cowboys played in the Super Bowl.)