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I *wish* I could remember when 325-pound Larry Allen stopped a pick-six from happening

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Twenty-five years ago, the Cowboys offensive lineman saved a touchdown with one of the most athletic displays you’ll ever see.

This week, we’re celebrating some of our favorite random plays and obscure moments in NFL history — those that WE will never forget, even if others have. Welcome to “Who Remembers?” Week at SB Nation NFL.

I don’t remember the Cowboys vs. Saints game on Dec. 19, 1994. I was two years old and focused on more important matters, like Barney the Dinosaur.

That goes a little bit off the path of our theme week, which is about actually remembering things that have happened in the NFL. But this is one play that I wish I could remember.

Troy Aikman threw an interception to Saints linebacker Darion Connor, and it looked to be a sure thing that Connor would crib it. Then, offensive lineman Larry Allen — 6’3, 325-pound Larry Allen — made his way into the picture and ended up making the tackle:

The jubilation coming from the announcers’ voices perfectly captures what had just happened.

“Larry Allen! I can’t believe that!”

“I can’t get over that!”

“This guy’s got a rocket booster strapped to his back!”

“That’s one of the most impressive, athletic feats I have ever seen!”

This was a rare case where the interception itself is not the most exciting part of the play. It also saved the Cowboys four points — the Saints had to settle for a field goal on the drive.

There are few times in NFL history when big guy glory happens, especially for offensive linemen. Usually, those plays are reserved for when the football miraculously lands in their mittens and they travel any distance whatsoever with it.

However, young Allen chased down and stopped a pick-six from happening his rookie season, and it was one of the best displays of athleticism in sports history.

He would go on to do other ridiculous things, like bench press 700 pounds:

There’s probably nothing Allen can’t do, even today at 47 years of age.

I wish I could remember his touchdown-saving interception rundown, and the reaction I probably would have had in real time. But at least he’s got an impressive collection of highlights and moments for us to enjoy for the rest of time.