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Lamar Jackson and the Ravens are the latest to get hit with the Drake curse

The Ravens’ 14-2 season is over and it’s all Drake’s fault.

The Tennessee Titans absolutely demolished the No. 1 seeded Baltimore Ravens at home in the Divisional Round of the playoffs, 28-12. The Ravens’ usual high-powered offense, which averaged a league-high 33.2 points per game this season, was held to just two field goals and a late touchdown. Lamar Jackson, the surefire MVP who had only thrown one interception in his last 10 games, was picked off twice and lost another key fumble.

The real person to blame here, though, wasn’t head coach John Harbaugh or Ravens offensive coordinator Greg Roman. No no, this is all rapper Drake’s fault.

You see, Jackson’s birthday was on Jan. 7, four days before the Ravens’ playoff game. Drake wished Jackson a happy birthday on Instagram:

Drake associating himself with Jackson and the Ravens automatically made this Baltimore team cursed. In case you aren’t aware, Drake cursing talented teams and players is a common theme. He’s been doing it for years:

Even Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley insists the Drake curse is real:

Last year, Drake attempted to get out in front of the curse when he wore a sweatshirt with all four conference championship teams — the Rams, Patriots, Saints, and Chiefs — on a sweatshirt. None of the four teams won in regulation, so the curse still happened!

There are some that think the Drake curse has been technically lifted because his hometown team, the Toronto Raptors, won the NBA Finals last year. But considering the Ravens, who had won 12 games in a row, lost as 9-point home favorite Saturday night proves that this simply isn’t true.

Even Baltimore safety Earl Thomas tweeted after the game about the curse being real:

I’m so sorry, Ravens, but at least you have something other than the way you all played against Tennessee to blame for this inexplicable loss. It’s the only thing that makes sense, honestly.