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Deshaun Watson knocked the Bills from the playoffs with one ridiculously clutch play

I still don’t know how he pulled this off.

Deshaun Watson put his team on his back when it needed him, and it helped the Texans win their first playoff game since 2016. His team was down 16-0 to the Bills in the first half. But Watson led his offense to 19 unanswered points in the second half to give his team a chance in overtime.

In his second OT possession, Watson played hero with a scramble and completion on a play that looked absolutely doomed from the start. At the Buffalo 44-yard line, Watson evaded a sack from a two screaming Bills defenders to find Taiwan Jones for a huge 34-yard completion:

Let’s look at this from another angle, and I’d just like to point out that I STILL HAVE NO IDEA HOW THE HELL HE EVADED THIS. HE’S A MAGICIAN:

The second-down throw was critical, and it set up the game-winning field goal for a 22-19 Texans victory.

Look at how many pass rushers Watson beat to make this play!

Heading into the playoffs, he had five game-winning drives in the fourth quarter/overtime, which was tied for most in NFL. After the game, Watson was asked what he saw on that last play:

“Man just never quitting, honestly. I knew it was blitz-0, I checked the play, [former Texan, now Bills defender] Kevin Johnson was here last year so he knew the signal, I saw ‘em bail, and I just told myself to stay up.”

Watson has broken down defenses like this in interviews before — he did it twice during postgame press conferences earlier this season. But this breakdown came right after one of the biggest wins in his NFL career, so it’s pretty cool he can still do this. He added how he felt about getting to this moment in his career after the game, too:

“I mean it’s do or die right now. All the work I’ve been putting in in the offseason, I just had to make a play and I told the guys before the game I put a card in their locker that said ‘Let’s be great today.’ Somebody had to be great, why not me?”

Here’s what Watson’s teammate, J.J. Watt had to say about his QB’s performance:

“Energy. Spark. All you need is a little spark. With this team, all you need is a little bit of a spark ... You’re never out of the game when you have Deshaun Watson as the quarterback.”

“All we needed was a play to start, once it gets started, let our guys do our thing. We’ve got a ton of talent, a ton of guys who know what they’re doing, and we’ve got one hell of a quarterback.”

With the victory, Watson won his first-ever career playoff game in his three seasons in the league. Watson and the Texans will move on to face the Kansas City Chiefs in the Divisional Round.