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Jaguars fans are committing Pro Bowl voter fraud to screw over the Vikings

No recount needed.

NFL: Pittsburgh Steelers at Baltimore Ravens Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY Sports

There are real, quantifiable, verifiable cases of voter fraud happening right now — in the NFL. Today, shocking news out of Florida that could subvert our nation’s proudest institution: The NFL Pro Bowl.

The 2021 Pro Bowl is already going to be weird enough, taking place in Madden, rather than on a football field — but Jaguars fans found opportunity amongst the chaos. They realized that if Yannick Ngakoue is named to the Pro Bowl, the Vikings, who traded for the defensive end back in August, will be forced to give Jacksonville a fourth round pick, rather than a fifth, due to escalator language in the trade. This was the lightbulb moment.

Jaguars fans took to Reddit to push for mass voting to get Ngakoue into the Pro Bowl, and elisted friends from around the NFC North. Now Packers, Lions and Bears fans are helping Duval in its quest, because for them screwing over the Vikings is hilarious.

It should be noted that Ngakoue doesn’t deserve to make the Pro Bowl this season. It’s not entirely his fault after bouncing from team to team, but he currently ranks tied for 20th in the NFL in sacks (10th in the AFC), and without a major push down the stretch it’s doubtful he’d make the team this season.

That said, this is all hilarious. Nobody really cares about the Pro Bowl, so it’s not like pushing Ngakoue into the game ruins the sanctity of the event, and any opportunity for fans to screw over other fans is excellent. Also, I love the amount of work and effort organizing a league-wide scheme for the payoff of changing a fifth round pick into a fourth rounder. It’s the saddest heist in history, but I’m absolutely here for it.

Bless you, Jaguars fans — for giving us something beautiful to rally around.