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Are the Kansas City Chiefs vulnerable or just unstoppable?

The Chiefs keep winning close games, but is that going to be a bad thing later?

Kansas City Chiefs v Miami Dolphins Photo by Mark Brown/Getty Images

The Kansas City Chiefs now sit atop the AFC standings after their Week 14 win over the Miami Dolphins. It marks their fifth consecutive one-score win despite turning the ball over four times and ending the game with a -3 turnover margin against Miami. It was arguably their worst offensive outing, yet they still beat the playoff contending Dolphins.

For the defending Super Bowl champion Chiefs, is this string of tight games a sign of vulnerability or just another example of their penchant for winning no matter the circumstances or opponent? Additionally, is there a challenger built to withstand them and give them a serious challenge in the playoffs?

We ask and debate those questions on the newest edition of The SB Nation NFL Show, with me, RJ Ochoa, and Pete Sweeney analyzing the win for the Chiefs and the concerns sprouting from their recent close game heroics.

Other topics discussed on this Week 14 edition of Monday Football Monday include:

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