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The SB Nation NFL Show: How far can Josh Allen take the Buffalo Bills?

Today’s SB Nation NFL Show podcast tackles that and more

Buffalo Bills v New England Patriots Photo by Maddie Malhotra/Getty Images

As a kid going to elementary school in the 1990s, the two funniest football jokes I knew were that J.E.T.S. stood for Just End The Season, and B.I.L.L.S. stood for Boy I Love Losing Super Bowls. While the former is still just as relevant as ever, the latter may no longer apply.

After their 38-9 thrashing of the New England Patriots on Monday Night Football, the Bills are the number two seed in the AFC, they have a very good head coach in Sean McDermott and a quarterback in Josh Allen who is absolutely on fire. In the month of December, Allen is 4-0, has thrown for 323 yards per game, scored 14 total touchdowns and has committed just two turnovers.

“I think Buffalo is a well-oiled machine and they’re really rounding into form heading into the playoffs,” Brandon Lee Gowton said in today’s SB Nation NFL Show podcast, “We were reluctant to believe earlier in the year, is Josh Allen really this good? Obviously there have been some moments when he’s faltered, but on the whole, when he’s good he’s really really good...I really feel that the Bills are going to win the Super Bowl for the first time in their franchise history.”

The AFC is loaded with good teams and it is going to be fascinating to watch how it all plays out over the next few weeks.

Other topics covered in today’s episode:

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