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Tom Brady to the Raiders needs to happen because the NFL has reached peak nonsense

We all need this to be reality.

NFL: AFC Wild Card-Tennessee Titans at New England Patriots Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL is at its best when stupidity is on display for the world to witness. In the pantheon of unbelievable notions is the idea Tom Brady could end his career with the Raiders — and yet, here we are.

Adam Schefter cites “league sources” who believe the Raiders would go all-in on Brady ahead of their move to Las Vegas. It’s the kind of short-sighted nonsense that flies only in the NFL — which is why this makes so much sense. The ESPN article mentions the immediate marketing value Brady would bring to the new city, along with how adding the greatest quarterback in history would make the Raiders a draw from the jump, and while some of this is probably accurate, I love it because it’s dumb. Really, really dumb.

We can ignore the fact that Derek Carr had a higher completion percentage, threw for identical yards and finished with a higher quarterback rating than Brady in 2019 — because these are logical concerns to address by those who believe in logic. The Raiders, by nature, are illogical. They’re run by the beating, bizarre heart of Jon Gruden who would absolutely, 100 percent bench Carr for Brady for no reason other than he presumably likes Brady more.

This is everything the NFL should aspire to.

There is nothing more beautiful than the idea of Brady, whose tuck rule call against the Raiders in 2001 spawned the “Brady Rule,” playing for the very team who was screwed over. It’s about watching one of the NFL’s biggest, most fervent fan bases scramble to profess their love for a player they’ve hated for 20 years.

This is all so dumb that every NFL fan should embrace this potential ideal future. But we can make this even better.

With Brady in the fold in Las Vegas, there’s a natural progression here. He needs a friend from the past. A reliable hand to make the transition easier. He needs Rob Gronkowski. This handcuff is the perfect way to start Brady’s career with the Raiders, and while rumors of Gronk un-retiring have been a thing in the past, never has the potential been there for him to live it up in Las Vegas.

This is the only possible scenario where I see Gronk willing to return to the NFL. Sure, he has a cushy job in broadcasting where he can basically set his own work schedule, but almost nothing will be expected out of him in Las Vegas other than being Gronk, and occasionally catching a few passes.

The rest of the time he’ll be free to experience everything Vegas has to offer, and I am here for whatever ensues. I’ll even watch the eventual reality TV series that comes from this.

Please, football gods, I don’t ask for much. Just make the Las Vegas Braiders a thing.