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What the Giants’ draft would look like if Joe Judge’s dog made all 10 picks

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Let’s pretend Joe Judge’s dog, Abby, was the one drafting for the Giants this year.

Photoshop by Morgan Moriarty/SB Nation

New Giants head coach Joe Judge will have 10 picks to work with in the 2020 NFL Draft. So far, Judge hasn’t revealed much publicly about who he will be targeting. But someone who might know is his very good golden retriever, Abby.

Before the draft, Judge said he’s been prepping with Abby in his basement, and that she probably has the most intel of anybody on what the Giants will do. Look at what a very good girl Abby is being during Judge’s draft prep:

The Giants should just let this very good dog make these draft picks for them, honestly. She probably wouldn’t do worse than Giants general manager David Gettleman.

If Abby got the chance to draft players, who would she pick? Well, probably guys who have names that will resonate with her canine sensibilities. Let’s pretend this adorable golden retriever was making picks for the Giants to see what might happen if so.

Round 1, pick No. 4: Chase Young, Edge, Ohio State

Not only did Abby pick a Chase — given that her favorite activity is chasing squirrels — with the Giants’ first pick, but she selected arguably the best player of this draft class. The Giants are in need of a pass rusher this offseason, and getting Young at No. 4 overall would be an excellent pick. Young, who led the nation with 16.5 sacks in 2019, is a versatile defensive end who can line up anywhere on a defense.

It’s a long shot that he’ll still be available at this spot, but still an A+ start to the draft, Abby.

Round 2, pick No. 36: Trevon Diggs, CB, Alabama

This golden retriever’s favorite activity outside of squirrel hunting is digging massive holes in the backyard, so you can’t really blame her for taking Diggs. Besides, the Giants could use cornerback help, and if a talented player like Diggs is still on the board, it’s an easy pick.

Diggs will be an excellent complement to DeAndre Baker in New York. Diggs, who’s the younger brother of Buffalo Bills receiver Stefon Diggs, had 37 tackles, four interceptions, and 21 passes defended for the Tide last season.

Round 3, pick No. 99: Ben Bartch, OT, St. John’s (Minnesota)

Judge’s dog was sure when she overheard him say Bartch’s name over a phone call in the weeks leading up to the draft he actually said “bark.” Not only is this something that Abby does frequently, but chewing up tree bark in the backyard is this retriever’s favorite way to unwind when it’s a nice day outside.

The good news for the Giants is they desperately need a left tackle to protect quarterback Daniel Jones. The Giants allowed Jones to get sacked 36 times in just 13 games as a rookie. At 6’6, 309 pounds, Bartch already has an advantage size-wise. While he is a prospect that likely won’t come in and start right away, he has some solid fundamentals that can be built upon at the next level with the right development.

Round 4, pick 110: Antonio Gandy-Golden, WR, Liberty

Thinking that Abby could have yet another golden retriever to play with around the house, the Giants get Gandy-Golden in the fourth round. Golden accounted for 3,000-plus yards over his final three seasons, and set a single-season school record in receiving yards in 2019. Golden was a former gymnast, which translates well to the gridiron in terms of body control and footwork. The Giants need to get Jones all the weapons he can get so, sure, good pick, Abby.

Round 5, pick 150: Dane Jackson, CB, Pitt

Judge’s dog met a Great Dane on a walk a few weeks ago she instantly bonded with and was hoping to have the same connection with Jackson. The former Pitt corner totaled 148 tackles, 43 passes defended, and four interceptions during his career. Jackson will add some more depth at the position for the Giants.

Round 6, pick 183: Tyler Huntley, QB, Utah

Abby’s favorite offseason activity is duck hunting, and she kept hearing players from some team called the “Oregon Ducks” being selected. Naturally, it gave her the idea to pick Huntley. The QB threw for a career-high 3,092 yards, 19 touchdowns, and just four interceptions last season. He set a school record for completion percentage (73.1), too. Now that Eli Manning has retired, the Giants could use Huntley as a third-string or practice squad addition.

Round 7, pick No. 218: Eli Wolf, TE, Georgia

Abby heard from a neighborhood dog that wolves are basically dogs that live without human owners and was intrigued to learn more. Wolf accounted for 194 yards and a touchdown during his lone season with Georgia as a graduate transfer. The Giants do have Evan Engram at the position, but he has yet to play a full season in three years thanks to various injuries. Wolf would add solid depth at the position.

Round 7, pick No. 238: Mason Wolfe, OT, Kentucky

After she learned that wolves travel in packs and she could get even more friends, Abby stuck with the wolf trend for the team’s second pick in the seventh round. Wolfe was mostly a backup for the Wildcats, but he appeared in 37 games and didn’t allow a sack throughout his career. Sounds like someone the Giants would benefit from!

Round 7, pick No. 247: Qaadir Sheppard, Edge, Ole Miss

Abby’s friend next door is a German shepherd, and the two get along great. Naturally, the Giants select Sheppard with their third seventh-round pick. Although the former Rebel played outside linebacker at Ole Miss during his senior season, he played two years at defensive end. In 2018, he led the team in tackles for loss, with 10. The Giants can use all the pass rush help they can get, so this is a smart pick by Abby.

Round 7, pick No. 255: Chase Harrell, TE, Arkansas

For the Giants’ 10th and final pick in the draft, Abby got very distracted late into the evening and began chasing her tail to keep herself entertained. So she ended the draft by selecting another Chase since it was fresh in her mind. Harrell had 37 catches for 396 yards and six touchdowns throughout his career, which initially started at Kansas. He would likely make for a decent practice squad tight end for the Giants.

Tired from a long night of drafting, Abby earned herself a brand new bone as a reward for her successful drafting.

A very good dog indeed.