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A collage of NFL Draft prospects Derrick Brown (Auburn DT), Mehki Becton (Louisville OT), Jerry Jeudy (Alabama WR), superimposed on a blue background with dark blue stars as a border

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Get to know the 2020 NFL Draft class

The 2020 draft was a little different, but just like every year, this is where it all begins for future NFL stars.

The 2020 NFL Draft class faced challenges unlike any before it. Most pro days and in-person pre-draft visits were cancelled due to the coronavirus pandemic. That put lesser-known players from smaller schools at a distinct disadvantage and forced all prospects to get creative with their video workouts and interviews.

However, the draft still went on, (mostly) as planned.

What was supposed to be an extravaganza in Las Vegas became a fully virtual affair via video conference. That gave this year’s draft an extra dose of unpredictability. One team forgot to unmute (it was the Jaguars, naturally), a dog crashed the party (surprisingly not Joe Judge’s Abby, but Bill Belchick’s Nike), and someone showed off their Parasite-like mansion (Kliff Kingsbury, stylin’ as always). Roger Goodell continued to announce the picks, except he did it from home and still got booed.

All eyes were on the three-day event as it dominated the sports world, much to the NFL’s delight. Let us help you get to know some of these players whose names were called, and then again whenever training camp beings across the league.

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