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Our serious (and not so serious) grades for Rounds 2-3 of the 2020 NFL Draft

We weighed in on every single pick in the ultra-talented second day of the NFL Draft.

2020 NFL Draft - Round 1 Photo by NFL via Getty Images

There’s always a lot of talent to be found on the second day of the NFL Draft. Russell Wilson, Bobby Wagner, and Michael Thomas are just a few of the players recently drafted in rounds two and three.

There’s a long list of talented players who didn’t get picked in the first round, and that left a lot of opportunity for teams Friday. Inevitably though, there will be a pick of two out of left field that is puzzling.

So here at SB Nation we graded all the picks of the second and third rounds, live as they happened. Sometimes it’ll be (hopefully) smart analysis about a player’s fit in his new offensive or defensive scheme. Other times, it’ll be whatever silly reaction we have to the picks as they happen.

Enjoy them while you can, because it won’t be long until teams are sifting through Division III prospects you’ve never heard of and special teamers in the later rounds:

Round 2

No. 33: Bengals select WR Tee Higgins, Clemson

Grade: T. For Tee

You want Joe Burrow to have a solid rookie year? Surround him with A.J. Green, Tyler Boyd, a first-round caliber talent in Higgins (25 TDs the last two years!), and whatever John Ross can do in the four games he’s healthy. This move makes even more sense when you consider how much Higgins loves Green, who he’ll now get to learn from in 2020.

No. 34: Colts select WR Michael Pittman Jr, USC

Grade: T.Y.

Pittman’s arrival should have T.Y. Hilton saying “thank you.” By boosting their receiving depth, the Pro Bowl deep threat should see fewer double-teams this fall, clearing a runway for him to return to form after a disappointing 2019.

No. 35: Lions select RB D’Andre Swift, Georgia

Grade: 1st

Because for a long time, Swift looked like he’d be the only running back selected in the first round this spring. That honor instead went to LSU’s Clyde Edwards-Helaire, but Swift’s versatility on the ground and through the air, along with his spot in the UGA tailback pipeline and his relative lack of mileage, make him an elite NFL running back prospect.

No. 36: Giants select S Xavier McKinney, Alabama

Grade: X

If you’ve ever seen him play, Xavier McKinney, like the X-Men themselves, is a mutant. The Giants just got a first-round safety in the second round. Good pick, Abby the dog!

No. 37: Patriots select S Kyle Dugger, Lenoir-Rhyne

Grade: D-II

New England made Dugger the highest-drafted Division II athlete in a long, long time. He looked like he was playing Madden on rookie difficulty throughout his Lenoir-Rhyne career, absolutely smoking overmatched competition along the way. He can handle safety and special teams duties for the Pats, and he’s got the size and athleticism to star in the NFL.

No. 38: Panthers select Edge Yetur Gross-Matos, Penn State

Grade: Yeet

Partially because Gross-Matos is strong and fast enough to completely yeet opposing tackles out of his way. Partially because just saying “yeet” would give you a closer pronunciation of his name than what Roger Goodell came up with.

No. 39: Dolphins select OL Robert Hunt, Louisiana

Grade: G and T

Hunt can play at either guard or tackle for the Dolphins — or both! Congrats, Tua, on the extra protection ... wherever the Dolphins line Hunt up. G&Ts, coincidentally, were the only way to get through the first half of Miami’s 2019 season.

No. 40: Texans select DT Ross Blacklock, TCU

Grade: Nuk.

Blacklock is a fine defensive tackle. And the Texans didn’t trade away any future picks to get him, which is off-brand but still good! But since he’s probably not going to be catching passes, he’s not going to fix Bill O’Brien’s dumbest mistake of 2020 (so far).

No. 41: Colts select RB Jonathan Taylor, Wisconsin

Grade: A brandy old fashioned, sweet.

Indianapolis traded up to select one of the most prolific NCAA running backs in history. He’ll immediately add more firepower to the Colts’ upgraded offense (see above), but in terms of drinking cities he’s facing a massive downgrade by leaving Madison, Wisconsin. Indiana is a bring-your-own-Korbel state. Teach them well, Jonathan.

No. 42: Jaguars select WR Laviska Shenault, Colorado

Grade: B?

It’s the Jaguars. It’s a position of need. If he pans out, he’ll make a great trade demand in 2023. The circle will be unbroken.

No. 43: Bears select TE Cole Kmet, Notre Dame


Including Kmet, Chicago currently has nine tight ends under contract, and that’s even after releasing Trey Burton this spring. That’s ... a lot? Feels like a lot. Former Bears wideout Earl Bennett thinks that’s a lot.

No. 44: Browns select S Grant Delpit, LSU

Grade: Ennui

This move makes a ton of sense, just like the Browns’ picks on Thursday. And, no matter how smart they are in the offseason, it never ever matters for Cleveland.

No. 45: Buccaneers select DB Antoine Winfield Jr., Minnesota

Grade: A! An honest-to-goodness A!

Winfield is a little small, but he’s so, so good. Tampa Bay took a Tom Brady-protecting offensive lineman with their first pick, waited a day, and then still got a safety with first-round ability 32 picks later. The Buccaneers’ crazy-optimistic offseason continues.

No. 46: Broncos select WR K.J. Hamler, Penn State

Grade: John Elway, arms dealer

The Denver GM found his franchise QB (probably) when Drew Lock fell to the second round last spring. He’s all-in when it comes to surrounding him with receiving talent. Courtland Sutton and 2019 first-rounder Noah Fant are already on the roster, but now the Broncos have also added Jerry Jeudy and now Hamler with their first two picks of 2020.

Gee, you think Denver might throw the ball this season?

No. 47: Falcons select DL Marlon Davidson, Auburn

Grade: Pretty good!

Davidson was the second-best defensive tackle on his own roster (behind Derrick Brown) but still one of the top five interior linemen in the country. Now he gets to work alongside Grady Jarrett, which is ... probably gonna feel familiar, I bet.

No. 48: Seahawks select edge Darrell Taylor, Tennessee

Grade: Who?

Just like in the first round of the draft, the Seahawks made another signature “Who the hell is this guy?” pick in the second round when they traded up to get Taylor. Taylor now joins Jordyn Brooks atop what is turning out to be a very on-brand Seattle draft class.

No. 49: Steelers select WR Chase Claypool, Notre Dame


One constant across Pittsburgh’s best seasons with Ben Roethlisberger has been a WR corps loaded with talent. He’s thrown the ball to a lineup of Pro Bowlers that’s included Hines Ward, Antonio Brown, Emmanuel Sanders, Mike Wallace, JuJu Smith-Schuster, and more. Adding the 6’4 Claypool and his 4.4s 40 speed gives him another versatile talent who should help pave a clearer back to Big Ben’s retirement.

No. 50: Bears select CB Jaylon Johnson, Utah

Grade: Can he play tight end?

If not, what are we even doing here, Bears?

No. 51: Cowboys select CB Trevon Diggs, Alabama


Jerry Jones’ horrific salary cap management meant he had no shot at re-signing Byron Jones this spring. Because the football gods fell asleep at the wheel, this may not be a problem. A top-25 talent slid out of the top 50 and onto Jerry’s superyacht.

No. 52: Rams select RB Cam Akers, Florida State

Grade: Speaking of teams with botched salary caps

Los Angeles spent the past two years constructing a towering behemoth made of matchsticks, then watched it come crumbling down under the weight of too-rich contracts and an incessant need for instant gratification. Todd Gurley was one of the heaviest pieces of ballast tossed from that foundering ship. The Rams are banking on Akers to be a touch lighter.

No. 53: Eagles select QB Jalen Hurts, Oklahoma

Grade: Wow

Hurts has potential as a franchise QB, but he was expected to be drafted by a team with a long-in-the-tooth veteran, probably in the third round or so.

Instead, it was Round 2 and the Eagles — who have 27-year-old Carson Wentz under contract for five more years. They also have a possible out of that contract after 2021. Interesting, verrrrrry interesting. In a lot of ways it’s similar to what the Packers did with Aaron Rodgers and Jordan Love, only probably dumber!

No. 54: Bills select edge A.J. Epenesa, Iowa

Grade: A ... J (I’m sorry I’ll try to stop with the name-based grades)

Another potential first round pick who slid thanks to a slow-as-hell showing at the Scouting Combine. Buffalo already had a scary defense, so he’ll have the chance to emerge as a rotational player and smush whichever replacement-level quarterback the Patriots trot out next season.

No. 55: Ravens select RB J.K. Dobbins, Ohio State

Grade: A and D

Sorry, Adrian Peterson. There’s a new All Day in the NFL. As in [take it away, Gus Johnson]


And yeah, the Ravens — who already have Mark Ingram and Lamar Jackson — just added a running back who averaged 6.2 yards per carry in three seasons as a starter in Columbus.

That’s really not fair.

No. 56: Dolphins select DT Raekwon Davis, Alabama

Grade: 6’6

Defensive tackles aren’t supposed to weigh 310 pounds without a sweet, Vince Wilfork-ian gut. Davis, somehow, looks like this:

NFL Combine - Day 5 Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

Yeesh. The Dolphins now have two different defenders named Raekwon because they know, as we all do, that the Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothin’ to f*** with.

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to end that sentence with a preposition. I meant the Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothin with which to be f***ed.

No. 57: Rams select WR Van Jefferson, Florida

Grade: It could work.

Los Angeles lost Gurley and Brandin Cooks this offseason to cuts and trades. On Friday, they backfilled those open positions with Akers and now Van Jefferson, who might have been a first-round pick if not for the Kyle Trask-ness of his senior season. He’ll get the benefit of learning behind Robert Woods and Cooper Kupp next fall.

No. 58: Vikings select OT Ezra Cleveland, Boise State

Grade: Good

Cleveland was getting a lot of first-round buzz heading into the draft, and the perpetually OL-needy Vikings got him late in the second round. There was no pick here they could get that would be ... better than Ezra.

No. 59: Jets select WR Denzel Mims, Baylor

Grade: I dunno, but it’s pissing Aaron Rodgers off.

The Jets’ help their own cause here by giving Sam Darnold a Day 1-caliber target. The bigger story may be how this early Day 2 run on wideouts is depleting a pool the Packers desperately needed to pull from in order to boost their passing attack. Missing out on Higgins, Pittman, Shenault, and now Mims has got to be annoying Rodgers ... especially after his team traded up to draft his replacement last night.

No. 60: Patriots select LB Josh Uche, Michigan

Grade: One-half of the nastiest Nas song

Huh. After weeks of Zack Baun getting mocked to the Patriots in the first round, New England had a chance to grab the versatile Wisconsin linebacker and ... picked up a different Big Ten standout instead. Uche is a raw talent, but that just means Bill Belichick can yell him into the perfect defender over the next four years or trade him to the Lions in 2022 instead.

No. 61: Titans select CB Kristian Fulton, LSU

Grade: Cheaper than Malcolm Butler, and probably better, too!

Tennessee’s quest to build a lockdown secondary in recent years has seen them expend big money and/or draft capital on high profile names like Butler and Adoree Jackson with limited returns. Fulton’s the next man up on that list, and he’s good enough to fix things in Nashville.

No. 62: Packers select RB A.J. Dillon, Boston College

Grade: Aaron Rodgers disliked that.

Rodgers needs targets. He advocated for them earlier this spring. In the first round the Packers selected quarterback Jordan Love. On Friday, they added burly running back Dillon ... who had 21 catches in his three-year college career. He also plays the same position as Aaron Jones, who is 25 years old and coming off the best season of his career.

Cool. Cool cool cool.

No. 63: Chiefs select LB Willie Gay Jr., Mississippi State

Grade: Finally, a fast guy in Kansas City.

Gay was a late riser up draft boards thanks to a stellar Scouting Combine showing that saw him dust off a 4.46s 40 time at 243 pounds. That’s the kind of straight line speed that would help him cover Tyreek Hill, Demarcus Robinson, and Mecole Hardman if they weren’t already teammates. He’s a linebacker with the coverage speed to handle George Kittle up the seam ... you know, just in case Super Bowl 54 happens again.

No. 64: Panthers select S Jeremy Chinn, Southern Illinois

Grade: F-C-S!

Chinn has NFL strength and speed at safety, giving Carolina another athletic marvel to roam the secondary alongside first round pick Isaiah Simmons. Oh wait, the Panthers didn’t select him because he was just too versatile.

I’d just like to take this moment to point out a Division II guy was selected before an FCS guy heard his name called, which is at least a 3-1 upset.

Round 3

No. 65: Bengals select LB Logan Wilson, Wyoming

Grade: Unavoidably competent.

Man ... are the Bengals nailing this draft? Between Burrow, Higgins, and now the rock solid and supremely versatile Wilson it feels like Cincinnati has made nothing but smart moves that will significantly improve their franchise going forward. As much as the team’s history makes me want to claim otherwise, Day 2 feels like a massive, tide-turning win for the Bengals.

No. 66: Washington selects WR Antonio Gibson, Memphis

Grade: Possibly regrettable.

Washington needs to build around second-year quarterback Dwayne Haskins, but selecting a wideout or tackle near the top of Round 2 was impossible. Why? Because the franchise shipped that pick to the Colts for the chance to draft Montez Sweat. Sweat exceeded expectations as a rookie with seven sacks, but with the Washington offense mired in a seasons-long funk there’s a chance players like Michael Pittman Jr., D’Andre Swift, K.J. Hamler, or Ezra Cleveland would have been more valuable fits.

Instead they got Gibson who, in true Washington skill player fashion, will get injured the moment he begins to show promise.

No. 67: Lions select LB Julian Okwara, Notre Dame

Grade: OK

Julian Okwara joins his older brother, Romeo Okwara, in Detroit. With their first pick of this draft, the Lions added Jeff Okudah. That’s a lot of “OK”s for Matt Patricia’s defense.

No. 68: Jets select S Ashtyn Davis, California

Grade: oh no.

Adding a third safety to a lineup that already includes Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye will do nothing to quell the trade rumors swirling around Adams. The Jets are really setting the stage to trade away a 24-year-old All-Pro, aren’t they?

No. 69: Seahawks select G Damien Lewis, LSU

Grade: Nice

Finally, a Seahawks pick we’ve heard of!

(This is the guy from Billions, right?)

No. 70: Dolphins select S Brandon Jones, Texas

Grade: We get it Miami, you care about your secondary

The Dolphins kicked off the offseason by adding Byron Jones to man the cornerback spot across from Xavien Howard. Then they drafted Auburn standout and slot corner Noah Igbinoghene with their third pick of the first round. Now they’re adding Jones to the mix in an effort to further take advantage of a division whose starting quarterbacks, at the moment, are Josh Allen, Sam Darnold, and Brian Hoyer.

No. 71: Ravens select DT Brandon Madubuike, Texas A&M

Grade: Sorry, rest of the AFC North

Someone needs to stop Baltimore from lucking into monster D-linemen at bargain prices. Madubuike had first-round buzz. The Ravens got him after trading out of the second round. He joins a class of new additions that includes Derek Wolfe and Calais Campbell — the latter of whom was acquired for a fifth-round pick. The club wanted to beef up its front line; beef has been served.

No. 72: Cardinals select OT Josh Jones, Houston

Grade: Kyler Murray, smiling quietly, wipes a tear of gratitude from his eye

Arizona was expected to select an offensive tackle in the first round, but couldn’t pass up the value Isaiah Simmons brought at the eighth overall pick. The club still managed to pull one of the better blockers off the board two rounds later when Jones fell to them, giving Murray some much-needed protection for 2020 and beyond.

No. 73: Jaguars select DT DaVon Hamilton, Ohio State

Grade: D and V

DaVon in Duval is not only fun to say, but Hamilton is a Defensive Victory for Jacksonville. He’s yet another beefy guy to add to the Jaguars’ young and talented defensive line. While he won’t wow anyone, he’s a good complementary piece for that defense. Hamilton totaled six sacks last season playing alongside Chase Young. He should be a similarly solid player next to Josh Allen and K’Lavon Chaisson.

No. 74: Saints select LB Zack Baun, Wisconsin

Grade: A. A giant A. So many As.

Baun may be 2020’s biggest slider, but the Saints’ weren’t going to let him languish any longer. New Orleans traded up to steal the potential first-rounder away from the rest of the league. Baun does everything and he does it well, though he’s a jack-of-all-trades and master of none.

No. 75: Lions select G Jonah Jackson, Ohio State

Grade: B1G

Jackson is the only Rutgers player to win a game at Ohio State — only because he transferred to Columbus for his final year of college. In 2019, he was a valuable starter on an offensive line that protected Heisman finalist Justin Fields and helped pave the way for 2,000-yard rusher J.K. Dobbins.

Jackson will stay in Big Ten country and join an increasingly B-1-G Lions offensive line.

No. 76: Buccaneers select RB Ke’Shawn Vaughn, Vanderbilt

Grade: Real underdog shit.

Vaughn found a way to stand out at both Illinois and Vanderbilt in his college career. So what better landing spot than the NFC South’s perpetually-overlooked franchise? Going from Riley Neal and Deuce Wallace to Tom Brady might be the biggest glow-up of 2020.

No. 77: Broncos select CB Michael Ojemudia, Iowa

Grade: Not a WR.

:( Seems like a missed opportunity for Elway to make history with his first-ever all-wideout draft.

No. 78: Falcons select C Matt Hennessy, Temple

Grade: 80 proof.

For the fourth time in the past five years, the Falcons draft an interior lineman. At least this one’s got a familiar name.

No. 79: Jets select DE Jabari Zuniga, Florida

Grade: oh no (again).

Zuniga is a raw pass-rushing prospect. He only played one year of high school football before playing four productive years with the Gators. He’s got a low floor and a high ceiling, so he’ll need to land with a franchise who can bring out his best tendencies and eliminate his bad habits.

Instead, he ended up with New York, the home to such former Round 1, 2, and 3 picks as Darron Lee, Calvin Pryor, Dee Milliner, Jachai Polite, and Christian Hackenberg. Good luck!

No. 80: Raiders select RB/WR/QB/whatever Lynn Bowden Jr., Kentucky

Grade: hell yes.

Bowden does a little bit of everything on offense. Now he’s landed with one of the NFL’s weirdest offensive minds nearly 30 picks after Jalen Hurts was drafted. He might not be a consistent threat on Sundays, but he’s gonna be fun to watch ... at least for a while.

No. 81: Raiders select WR Bryan Edwards, South Carolina

Grade: oh, uh ... cool.

Another WR, huh Jon? Alright, sure. That’s three in four picks. so far. That’s ...something.

No. 82: Cowboys select DT Neville Gallimore, Oklahoma

Grade: A Canadian destroyer. No, not that move every indie wrestler uses with the flips and whatnot

Gallimore is roughly the size of a VW Beetle, runs a 4.7-second 40, and can dunk a basketball. His draft spread consisted solely of Yeti tumblers and a bowl full of candy bars.

He is from Canada, but he is America’s spirit animal.

No. 83: Broncos select C Lloyd Cushenberry III, LSU

Grade: Really good!

Cushenberry is clean as hell as an interior lineman, clears space well in both running and passing situations, and has the name of a lawyer who specializes solely in yacht crimes. More importantly, he’ll keep Drew Lock upright. This is a win.

No. 84: Rams select LB Terrell Lewis, Alabama

Grade: Sensible.

LA lost both Dante Fowler and Cory Littleton this offseason, and while those are two very different linebackers they leave behind equally significant holes. Lewis is a special talent when healthy — but after playing only 14 games in college, that’s a big caveat.

No. 85: Colts select S Julian Blackmon, Utah

Grade: Projectable

Blackmon had nine interceptions and 20 passes defensed the last three seasons. While questions about his route recognition linger, he’s a solid athlete who can get just about anywhere on the field. Indianapolis can work with that.

No. 86: Bills select RB Zack Moss, Utah

Grade: Oh man, Buffalo’s going for it

Frank Gore is a free agent, so the Bills replaced him with a younger bowling ball in Moss — a 5’9, 225-pound bowling ball who runs like he’s angry at the world.

Buffalo’s offense seemingly gets a little scarier each week. It’s possible his presence alongside 2019 rookie Devin Singletary could be the X-factor that pushes the club to the top of the AFC East for the first time since the Colts were still part of the division.

No. 87: Patriots select LB Anfernee Jennings, Alabama

Grade: Familiar

Dont’a Hightower is a 6’3, 260-pound linebacker from Alabama. Anfernee Jennings is ... a 6’3, 259-pound linebacker from Alabama. If he can follow in Hightower’s footsteps, he’ll make Bill Belichick look like a genius. Again.

No. 88: Browns select DT Jordan Elliott, Missouri

Grade: ET

Elliott! Elliott!

As a recruit, Jordan Elliott committed to Baylor, Houston, and Michigan before deciding to sign with Texas. He played there for a year and then transferred to Missouri. He never quite put it all together, but maybe Cleveland is the home he’s been trying to get back to all along.

No. 89: Vikings select CB Cameron Dantzler, Mississippi State

Grade: Musical

Oh man, that name, it reminds me of that one Elton John song. Shit, what was it? It was in that movie about rock. It’s kind of a sing along. A classic, too.

Oh right. Rocketman. Cameron Dantzler is a rocketman.

No. 90: Texans select LB Jonathan Greenard, Florida

Grade: You sure this is where you should be focused, Bill O’Brien?

Greenard is a pretty good linebacker. Not sure how he helps convince Deshaun Watson to stick around, though.

No. 91: Patriots select TE Devin Asiasi, UCLA

Grade: Useful

New England’s top three tight ends combined for 36 catches last season. Asiasi had 44 catches on his own under Chip Kelly in 2019. He’s going to have a chance to start immediately ... and catch passes from, uh, Brian Hoyer? Jarrett Stidham? Some 2020 Day 3 draftee?

No. 92: Ravens select WR Devin Duvernay, Texas

Grade: Scary

Y’all just let Lamar Jackson’s offense add a slot WR who can run a 4.3-second 40 to its lineup. Baltimore is building a Kansas City Lite lineup with athletes at every spot. The Ravens are gonna show defenses exactly what they’ve got in 2020 and then dare opponents to stop them.

No. 93: Titans select RB Darrynton Evans, Appalachian State

Grade: Quick

Derrick Henry doesn’t need a platoon-mate; he averaged nearly 25 carries per game in his last 9 contests with the Titans. He got one anyway in Evans, a 200-pound runner with low-4.4s speed in the 40 who starred at App State the past two years. While he won’t add much in the passing game — 33 catches in 2018-19 — he’ll bring value to the Titan lineup and give Henry the chance for some added recovery time late in the season.

No. 94: Packers select TE Josiah Deguara, Cincinnati

Grade: Man, I don’t even know

Huh. OK. So. The Packers needed targets at tight end and wideout. Deguara, largely regarded to be a Day 3 pick, was their only top-100 pick to fit that bill. The former Bearcat had 92 catches for 1,117 yards and 12 touchdowns ... over the course of his four-year NCAA career. There’s a chance Green Bay ownership is just trying to get Aaron Rodgers to finally respond to all their “u up?” texts.

No. 95: Broncos select DT McTelvin Agim, Arkansas

Grade: He’s gonna be good, go on, McTell’um

Agim was a rare oasis in a desert stretch of Arkansas football. The fact he was able to churn out at least seven TFLs in each of the past three years against SEC offenses who zeroed in on him each week is a testament to his talent. He plays like a defensive end in the middle of the field, and while his technique isn’t wonderful, he works his ass off and is a moldable piece of NFL clay for a defensive minded head coach like Vic Fangio.

No. 96: Chiefs select OT Lucas Niang, TCU

Grade: Yep, pretty good

This seems like the right draft spot for a high-upside blocker like Niang and the perfect landing spot for any offensive lineman — in front of a quarterback who is also a wizard.

No. 97: Browns select LB Jacob Phillips, LSU

Grade: 10

Phillips is the 10th LSU player to be drafted so far, tying Ohio State’s 2016 record for the most from one school through the first three rounds. Even if this pick doesn’t work out for the Browns, drafting an LSU alum is yet another smart (on paper) move for Cleveland.

No. 98: Ravens select LB Malik Harrison, Ohio State

Grade: 0-5

Is John Harbaugh starting to use his brother’s losses (Jim’s record: now 0-5) to Ohio State to scout players for the draft? It seems like a sound strategy. Harrison is the second Buckeye the Ravens have drafted Friday night, after J.K. Dobbins, and both players feasted each November against the Wolverines.

No. 99: Giants select OT Matt Peart, UConn

Grade: UCONN

Matt Peart was a great blocker at Connecticut. That’s like the Bahamas producing a world-class ski jumper. I don’t know how he did it, but I will follow him to the ends of the Earth.

No. 100: Raiders select S/LB Tanner Muse, Clemson


Muse isn’t quite a safety. He isn’t quite a linebacker. He runs a 4.41-second 40 and, since he went to Clemson, just wins, baby. This pick was made via Ouija board.

No. 101: Patriots select TE Dalton Keene, Virginia Tech

Grade: Fine.

He’s a relatively fast tight end, H-back type who had, uh, 21 catches in 10 games last season. Alright. Fine. I know enough not to judge Bill Belichick’s decisions.

No. 102: Steelers select Edge Alex Highsmith, Charlotte

Grade: hell yes

Highsmith was a walk-on at a Charlotte school that barely had a football program when he was a freshman. He left the 49ers as the second-leading sacker in the FBS last season. Highsmith explodes around the edge like a missile, making him an ideal, if a bit raw, bookend for T.J. Watt.

No. 103: Eagles select LB Davion Taylor, Colorado

Grade: Sure

A useful and steady tackler in the middle of the field who will, in no way, help Eagles fans forget their team spent a second-round pick on Jalen Hurts less than a year after signing Carson Wentz to a $126 million extension.

No. 104: Rams select S Terrell Burgess, Utah

Grade: UU

How good was the Utah backline in 2019? The Utes have now had three members of their secondary selected in the first three rounds of this year’s draft. Speedster corner Javelin Guidry will likely make it at least four be the time the event’s done. He’ll fill another need for LA, who’s having a quietly solid, if unspectacular, draft.

No. 105: Saints select TE Adam Trautman, Dayton

Grade: UD

The Saints got a potential steal with Trautman, who would’ve gotten more attention if he had played for a bigger program. The tight end is the first Dayton player to be drafted since 1977. He’s also the highest-drafted player Dayton has ever had.

Just a month (one month!) after Dayton’s basketball team had to cut short its historically great season at least the school has something to hang its hand on this spring.

No. 106: Ravens select OT Tyre Phillips, Mississippi State

Grade: E

That first name is pronounced “Ty-ree.” He’s the third Bulldog to be selected this draft, which is quite an accomplishment for a program that only made a bowl game last year because a rival pretended to pee like a doggy in the end zone.