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Joe Thomas destroying ‘The Titan Games’ is proof NFL players are superhuman

What a beast!

The most unfair misconception about NFL linemen is that they’re just big, strong dudes without much athleticism. On Sunday night former Browns legend Joe Thomas smashed that stereotype.

Thomas, who retired from the NFL in 2018, looks like a modern day Mr. Clean now — which isn’t an insult. The dude is in ridiculous shape, shedding much of his NFL bulk in exchange for a frame we’d all kill for.

The Titan Games is ostensibly American Ninja Warrior with more feats of strength than athleticism — but that doesn’t mean this is some sort of strongman contest. It still requires balance, poise and agility to navigate the course’s obstacles, which Thomas made look pretty darn easy.

Even knowing Thomas won this round I was watching thinking “no way he pulls this off,” because the idea he could still retain his NFL strength while adding flexibility seems impossible. Honestly, I’m watching every single clip of Joe Thomas on The Titan Games now, because he’s incredible, and also because my self confidence was starting to come back and it’s time to feel woefully inadequate again.