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Bill Belichick’s latest fashion statement puts your quarantine sweats to shame

This is a definite fashion choice.

There’s no doubt 2020 has sucked for everyone. We’re all tired, weary, and struggling with our self-care, but few have gone through the same rollercoaster that has left Bill Belichick looking like this.

Now look, it’s not like Belichick has ever been a trendsetter or a style icon. He’s best known for wearing a cutoff hoodie for most of his professional life. That said, this is pretty bad — even by Belichick standards. It’s one thing to own an article of closing covered in holes because you love it so much, it’s another to decide you should wear that in front of a camera for the world to see. Okay, it’s a little endearing and carries that DGAF attitude, but it’s also kinda gross.

Perhaps I’m not concentrating on the big picture here, but I’d really like to know how Bill is getting extreme, localized wear, just around the collar itself. There’s really only two possible reasons for this:

  1. Bill scratches at his neck and shoulders a lot, like a raccoon.
  2. Bill actually has the most shredded traps on the planet and they’re so chiseled they cut through fabric like a knife through hot butter. Belichick is actually helping us by wearing ratty old shirts, because he knows if we saw his ripped-ass traps the entire world would fall in love with his supreme sexiness, leading to mass distraction and a global decline in birth rate. Loving relationships would crumble as every person on earth couldn’t stop staring at his sweet-ass traps.

Still not sure the reason.