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The Browns scored a TD on the first play after an 18-year playoff drought

All you need is a little luck ...

It’s not often the Browns catch a break, but the NFL Playoffs does weird things. That happened on the very first play of the game on Sunday night, when reliable center Maurkice Pouncey shot the ball over Ben Roethlisberger’s head, and resulted in one of the funniest touchdowns of the playoffs so far.

It’s really a summary of the last six weeks for the Steelers, who limped into the playoffs after starting stronger than any team in the NFL. It’s ludicrous to think of anything that happens on the first play of the game as being “game defining,” but considering the talent on Cleveland’s defense there’s not much room for error.

Of course, that’s just what happened. On the very next drive Roethlisberger threw an interception, giving Cleveland two turnovers in four minutes and in prime position to take over the game.

Baker Mayfield then took advantage, finding Jarvis Landry for the score and stunning everyone by putting the Browns up 14-0 before people had even gotten settled in their seats.

There’s no doubt the Browns needed a little luck, especially after the week the team had, but they appear to be getting it in spades so far.