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This incomplete 60-yard pass by Josh Allen is actually worth watching

What the heck?

I don’t really care that this pass from Josh Allen was incomplete, because he threw it a damn mile (a metaphorical mile, that is).

That’s an astounding throw without much of a wind up. If I tried this my arm would fall off, roll five yards down the field and a defender would pick it up and say “Hey, who lost an arm?” Then I’d raise my other arm and say “It’s me, sorry.”

Overthrowing a receiver is a pretty common thing in the NFL, but not from the distance that most quarterbacks need a full three step leadup to throw a Hail Mary. That’s kind of the astounding thing about Allen, nothing really makes sense. He’s a normal looking dude who is faster than most people on the field, has the arm of a howitzer and can make defenses look silly while making throws that are otherwise impossible.

I’ll stop gushing over Josh Allen and just appreciate this astounding throw.