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Taron Johnson just tied a 27-year-old record with this 101-yard interception return

The Bills are making history!

The Bills took a huge step towards making the AFC Championship game on Saturday night when Taron Johnson closed out the third quarter with one of the longest pick sixes you’ll ever see.

The 101-yard return tied the NFL record for the longest interception returned for a touchdown in playoff history, with George Teague who first set the record in 1993 with the Packers. Up to this point Ravens vs. Bills was a low scoring, back-and-forth affair that felt wide open to whichever team wanted it. Now, after this return, it looks like it’s Buffalo’s game unless Baltimore can magically find some offense.

If this truly ends up being the moment that sealed the Bills’ first appearance in the AFC Championship since 1993-94, well, Taron Johnson will never, ever need to buy a drink again when he’s in town.

This is just one of those cases where Lamar Jackson completely lost sight of the defensive back, and Johnson made sure he’d pay for it. On a night where neither team was able to move the ball effectively on offense this could be the difference maker.