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Rex Ryan called himself ESPN’s ‘toe expert’ and everyone lost it

Who’s going to argue with his foot knowledge?

There are two things we know about Rex Ryan: He has an exceptional knowledge of football, and an excellent knowledge of feet. On Monday morning those came together in a hilarious way, that left those on the set of Get Up to absolutely lose it.

The panel were discussing Aaron Rodgers’ ongoing toe issue when Rex casually quipped “listen, I’m a toe expert...” causing everyone to laugh, and poor Ryan Clark to have to walk away from the desk because he was cracking u[ so hard. In Rex’s expert toe opinion, there’s nothing wrong with Rodgers, and while he’s not a doctor, I mean, is anyone going to disagree?

If you’re a little lost by all this it goes back to 2010, when Ryan was the coach of the Jets. During the season rumors began swirling after Ryan’s wife appeared to be posting foot fetish videos on the internet with seemed to include Ryan’s voice. At the time he wouldn’t address the reports of the videos, but as the years have gone on he’s accepted that it happened, and even began poking fun at his fetish.

This is the next level of that, and it’s beyond hilarious. I’m not sure if we need a foot expert in pro sports, but if we do, there’s no doubt Rex is the man for the job.