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5 coaches the Jaguars should look at to replace Urban Meyer

Who should be the next Jags’ coach after Urban Meyer’s disastrous stint? We have some options.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Atlanta Falcons Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Jaguars are in dire need of a complete change to move on from the disastrous hiring of Urban Meyer. The amount of damage Meyer did during his short time in Jacksonville was impressive, so there’s a substantial amount of healing that needs to happen in addition to building a winning team. Meyer was mercifully fired before the Jags could even finish their season.

That’s an uphill battle to face, and I think the answer is locked in trying to go young, energetic, and positive. Everything Meyer was not with his time on the Jaguars. So, to this end I’ve isolated tk people who could take on the job, and potentially do it really well.

Byron Leftwich, Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive coordinator

This is my No. 1 with a bullet. Not only is Leftwich one of the most talented coordinators in the NFL with a slew of potential job offers on the horizon, but his position as “one of their own” will undoubtably help in Jacksonville.

The former Jaguars’ quarterback has thrived under Bruce Arians in Tampa Bay, and I think he’s ready to take the jump. With his position as a former player he can win back that locker room, and I think his offensive tendencies will greatly benefit Trevor Lawrence in his second season.

This just makes too much sense.

Josh McDaniels, New England Patriots offensive coordinator

Is it time for McDaniels to get another shot? I think so. There’s no doubt McDaniels was humbled by his failings in Denver when he was hired as head coach before he was ready, but now at 45 years old I think it’s time for McDaniels to re-enter coaching circles.

Since returning to the Patriots in 2012, McDaniels has been a consummate professional who has led some of the best offenses in the NFL — despite not having elite talent. McDaniels’ offensive mind and playcalling creativity would greatly benefit not on Lawrence, but maximize the potential of a lacking roster.

Kellen Moore, Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator

You’ll sense a theme here, and we’re returning to another former NFL quarterback who has become a big-name coordinator. Moore was never the best player, but he has become one hell of a coach. Since joining the Cowboys in 2018 as initially a quarterback coach, now the offensive coordinator, Moore has helped Dak Prescott progress immensely, and developed a top-tier NFL offense.

The question with Moore is whether he’s too young. At 33 years old the Jaguars might be afraid of creating a scenario like McDaniels in Denver, but the mild-mannered Moore is a very different personality than the bravado McDaniels had. This could be a good fit too.

Raheem Morris, Los Angeles Rams defensive coordinator

Morris’ presence on the Rams has been a huge boon to the team’s defense. Since he was hired in 2021, Morris has shown incredible leadership as a steadying hand on the Rams and continuing to coach an elite defense, despite Brandon Staley leaving for the Chargers.

Another guy who was thrust into the man job before his was ready, Morris’ three seasons in Tampa Bay were up-and-down, but his overall coaching record of 21-38 is a damn sight better than the Jaguars have been in recent years. A player’s coach who could get things back together, Morris could be an excellent dire and a second chance.

Kevin O’Connell, Los Angeles Rams offensive coordinator

Oh hey, it’s another quarterback turned offensive coordinator. This is more than a throwaway though, as O’Connell has been getting more and more attention as potential jobs open.

The 2021 season has been O’Connell’s magnum opus when it comes to organizing the Rams’ offense. The excellent trade for Matthew Stafford gave room to excel, and guys like Cooper Kupp became elite All-Pro talents because of his organization.

With that kind of resume I feel he could do a great job building around Lawrence.