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Joe Buck didn’t hold back roasting Peyton’s worst moment on the Manningcast

What a joy this was,

I don’t think anyone had Joe Buck as their pick to be the best part of the Manningcast during the Patriots vs. Bills game on Monday Night Football, but damn if it wan’t entertaining. Buck, chilling at a palatial estate in Cabo, called in and used the opportunity to take a softball question from Peyton Manning, and line drive it right back into his beans.

Buck was referring to Super Bowl XLVIII, unquestionably the worst Super Bowl for everyone living outside of Seattle. It was a ludicrous 43-8 beatdown of Manning’s Broncos that saw the Seahawks up 22-0 at halftime and never take their foot off the gas.

Peyton ended up getting his ring, so he can laugh about it now — doubling over with a drink in hand, clearly having fun with it all. Naturally Eli stepped into tell Buck he “went up a notch in my book,” because Eli exists to enjoy people making fun of Peyton.

This moment is a microcosm of why the Manningcast has become the best way to watch football, assuming you’re not incredibly invested in the teams playing. It’s football enjoyed in a relaxed way, taking some of the starch out of the NFL’s usually pressed, boring shirt.

Joe Buck was a gem for his entire segment. Dude was just there to chill, have a drink and watch some football — not try too hard to show off. When it came to play breakdowns Buck wasn’t interested in participating. Being a good company guy he dropped in some promos for the NFL on Fox, while on ESPN, with the Manning brothers just laughing about it, knowing it was a faux pas, and not really caring.

Finally, after some cajoling, Buck was willing to call a play unprepared, and it was hilarious.

It’s worth tracking down the whole segment, mostly because it was surprising how likable Joe Buck was. I know he’s a polarizing broadcaster a lot of people get frustrated with, but it was nice to see him cut loose, be a little self-deprecating, and also make fun of Peyton for getting embarrassed in the Super Bowl.