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Sam Darnold tried to draw the Panthers’ logo, and created a haunted slug

A simple drawing has become a meme.

Sam Darnold sat down to make a fun video for the Panthers where he attempted to draw various things. He aced the sun, made a bit of the mess of a bear, and when it came to the team logo itself ... well.

Just to be clear, we’re talking about an absolute masterpiece of modern art.

I think this is an improvement, if I’m being honest. We all know what a panther looks like. Sleek, impressive, sure — but no innovation. Darnold has created a glorious buck-toothed slug that looks like a cursed burrito that became sentient while living under the sofa of a haunted house.

The Panthers immediately recognized art and have turned this drawing into their new favorite meme.

But it’s much more than just a profile pic. There’s now a movement to turn this into a shirt.

Personally, I need this to go even further. I want Darnold’s slug logo to become an alternate uniform, at least for one game a year. I don’t care if there are hoops to jump though, or whether the NFL is happy about it, I NEED a plain while uniform with no embellishment, and the slug logo on the helmet. It’s absolutely perfect.