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Tom Brady made a joke about Donald Trump during the Buccaneers White House visit

Tom’s got jokes.

Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady met President Joe Biden at the White House Tuesday during the team’s championship visit, and he had jokes about the former occupant of the house.

“Not a lot of people thought that we could have won, and the fact is about 40 percent of people still don’t think that we won. Do you understand that Mr. President?”

A laughing Brady was clearly referencing the 2020 presidential election, in which 53 percent of Republicans asked in a Reuters/Ipsos poll still believe Trump is the president, despite losing the electoral college, and popular votes in an election which has been scrutinized, and verified as being completely accurate.

It’s a pretty remarkable shift for Brady, who typically aims to be as apolitical as possible, choosing to not rock the boat, rather than making his feelings known. Brady infamously had a “Make America Great Again” hat in his locker during his time with the Patriots, prompting questions about his political beliefs, which Brady routinely dodged, saying it was a “gift from a friend,” rather than saying it was a political statement.

The NFL Network quickly cut away from Brady’s joke, while the quarterback’s teammates laughed, along with the president.