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Everson Griffen’s Vikings reunion will be awkward after calling Kirk Cousins ‘ass’

Everson Griffen called Kirk Cousins ‘ass.’ Now he’s going back to the Vikings.

Everson Griffen became one of the faces of the Minnesota Vikings after the team selected him in the fourth round of the 2010 NFL Draft. The defensive end developed into one of the most feared pass rushers in the NFL during his 10 seasons with the franchise, amassing 74.5 career sacks in purple and white and being named to the Pro Bowl four times.

Griffen left the Vikings for the first time in his career when he opted out of his contract after the 2019 season and spent last year with the Dallas Cowboys and Detroit Lions. Now he’s back: Griffen signed with the Vikings on Monday to help bolster the defensive line. He had six sacks last season and should still have some good years left in the tank at 33 years old.

While Griffen’s return to Minnesota is a feel-good story for the team, it’s also going to be a little awkward. Why? Because earlier this year, Griffen went on Twitter and called Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins “ass.”

Now Griffen feels bad about it. As he re-joins the Vikings, he plans to apologize to Cousins for calling him “ass.”

Griffen deleted the tweets shortly after he sent them. Of course, the Internet never forgets, especially when you’re calling Kirk Cousins “ass.”

Here are Griffen’s original tweets, which were screencapped by fans before they were deleted.

Griffen apologized on Twitter shortly after he made the comments.

Calling Cousins “ass” is a bit much. Since he joined Minnesota in 2018, Cousins has thrown 91 touchdowns to 29 interceptions while completing a very nice 69 percent of his passes. Team success just hasn’t really followed for Minnesota since he came over from Washington. During Cousins’ three seasons with the team, the Vikings are 25-22-1 with one playoff appearance.

Cousins has been all over the headlines since returning to training camp this season by making some curious comments about Covid-19. Cousins, who is unvaccinated, said he thought about putting plexiglass around himself in the team practice facility after being ruled out with contact tracing earlier in camp.

Cousins is a solid NFL starter by any measure, but he’s always had a hard time living up to his lofty contract in Minnesota. Does that make him “ass”? His teammates apparently thought so at one point. That is going to make for an uncomfortable introduction as Griffen rejoins the team.