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Farmer’s tans are the hot new look for NFL quarterbacks

Big farmer (tans).

It’s been a busy couple of weeks for NFL players. They’re getting used to returning the training camp, adjusting to new plays and installs being made — and for some of the league’s quarterbacks it’s taken a major toll on their bodies. At least when it comes to tans.

There is a farmer tan craze sweeping through the NFL with no end in sight. Justin Herbert kicked it off with this look on Monday.

This is a 9/10 farmer’s tan. The amazing thing is how well Herbert’s skin takes a tan, but the line looks like someone was painting a picture and ran out of skin tone half way through, so they just switched to white and hoped nobody would notice.

On Tuesday it was time for Daniel Jones to try on the new look.

Well, gosh ... now we have a 10/10 tan. I do not believe this is accidental. I am convinced Jones wrapped his upper arms in foil like you do with a pie crust to prevent it from burning.

Finally Taysom Hill decided he didn’t want to be left out, and joined the Farmer Tan crew.

This is not farmer tan, it’s farmer burn. You could go to the best barber in the world and they couldn’t pull a line off this crisp. Speaking of crisp, Taysom’s forearms look like they’ve been smoking for 12 hrs. There’s definitely a great smoke ring lurking under the skin. I’d eat that arm for sure.

Oh goodness, sorry, I lost myself there for a second. I guess I should grab something to eat that’s not a human.