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Nobody roasted the Jets better than this kid on TikTok

Absolutely savage, but he ain’t lying.

The children are our future, and that includes learning time-honored sports traditions, like mercilessly making fun of the New York Jets. Young football analyst @td.sports on TikTok is a self-professed Jets fan, but that didn’t stop him making fun of the worst complete play we’ve seen all season.

I’m a huge fan of terrible football plays, so this is right in my wheelhouse. There are just so many beautiful elements rolled into one. You’ve got:

  • The left tackle beat outright
  • The left guard holding
  • Linebacker Ja’Whaun Bentley coming through with nobody in his zip code to block him
  • Morgan Moses hugging the back of a teammate
  • Two tight ends standing around doing nothing
  • Two receivers blanketed
  • Then the INT to cap it all off

Simply beautiful stuff. I’ve been as critical as anyone of Zach Wilson, but at least on this play he just made one bad decision in a sea of utter ineptitude. This is like a bad AI routine in Madden where all the linemen block incorrectly. It seems impossible in the realm of professional football, but the Jets are incredible at finding a way to make stuff like this a reality.

It would be inspirational if it wasn’t so godawful at the same time.