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The CBS halftime show getting drowned out by country music was hilarious

I love when things get weird in the NFL.

There are all sorts of technical mistakes that can happen during a live TV broadcast, and most of them simply aren’t funny. Glitching audio or video is just an accepted thing that occasionally happens, and we move on. But, we don’t often get practical mistakes, and when those pop up, especially during an NFL game, it’s completely hilarious.

The halftime show of Bengals vs. Chiefs is the perfect example. To everyone in the stadium it was fine, and nothing weird happened. For those of us at home, it was a mess. The speaker stack for the halftime show was DIRECTLY BEHIND the media desk, leading to this.

It quickly became apparent that this wasn’t just a level problem. With the audio from the halftime show being that close to the CBS desk there was absolutely no chance it was going to work. So the crew battled through as best they could.

But the speaker stack always wins. Eventually it was clear there was no overcoming the power of country music stylings of Walker Hayes, so they just lay down and went with it.

Indeed, it was a party in KC baby.

I just love when anything in the NFL, which is so carefully managed, goes so wildly wrong. It’s like catching your buttoned up mom smoking a joint with her friends in the backyard and changing your whole vision of her. It’s delightful, and fun.

Kudos to the CBS crew for trying to work through this mess.