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The Antonio Brown saga added a toilet seat licking porn star and a positive Covid test

Just when you thought this couldn’t get any weirder ...

The ongoing Antonio Brown saga took a turn nobody expected on Thursday after an OnlyFans model, turned influencer posted an ominous warning to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers on Instagram.

Ava Louise alleges that Antonio Brown snuck her into the Buccaneers’ hotel on Saturday night prior to the team’s game against the Jets. Alleged screenshots given to the Daily Mail seem to show conversations between Louise and Brown in which Brown arranged a sexual encounter between the two, as well as photos that seem to indicate she was indeed brought into team-only sections of the hotel, and spent time with Brown.

Now Louise is indicating she’s Covid positive, potentially infecting Brown and others ahead of Week 18. In addition, Louise is claiming Brown repeatedly said “I can’t wait for you to see what I do tomorrow,” while the couple were together, seemingly showing premeditation for the actions that precipitated him refusing to enter the game in the third quarter and being cut by the Buccaneers mid game.

This is the latest in a back-and-forth between Brown and the Buccaneers, who have vastly different versions of the events that transpired Sunday. The team has painted Brown as a malcontent who refused to play, while Brown alleges that he was injured and the team was willing to risk his health by forcing him to play.

It will take time to know what actually happened on Sunday, if we ever find out. As for this latest chapter: Any claims made by Ava Louise should be met with extreme skepticism. Louise’s biggest claim to fame came in 2020 when she started the “Coronavirus Challenge,” which dared people to lick the toilet seats on airplanes. After the video went viral she admitted it was a hoax.

“I trolled America. It was a clean toilet seat on a sugar daddy’s plane.”

Louise followed this by gaining infamy in 2021, this time for spreading a fake rumor that Kanye West was dating YouTuber Jeffree Star. The rumor exploded among her followers, and beyond — before Louise admitted she made it all up, saying in a TikTok video:

“There is literally not one bit of truth to anything I have said. I just tricked the entire world into talking about me again because I was on a lot of Adderall and bored. And that’s on being an icon. We all had fun though, didn’t we? You’re welcome for the memes.”

So, like much of this story has been, we may not know the truth. Obviously there are some compelling images shared by Louise that seem to indicate she may have been inside the team hotel ahead of the game against the Jets. However, she also has an established history of intentionally pushing fake stories and rumors for the purposes of boosting her own “fame.”

The NFL declined to comment on whether they were looking into the allegations that Brown had an unauthorized individual with him ahead of the Jets game, which could simply mean they’re gathering information. Either way it’s a moot point now. Brown has been officially cut by the Buccaneers, they’re moving on to the playoffs, and I guess we’ll know in a few days if there’s any teeth to the claims they might have been exposed to a Covid-positive individual because of Brown.