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Russell Wilson is using Seahawks audibles and confusing the Broncos, per report

It is WEEK 10

Denver Broncos v Tennessee Titans Photo by Silas Walker/Getty Images

The Denver Broncos are currently back in Denver after losing 17-10 to the Tennessee Titans on Sunday. Denver is 3-6 and are dead last in points per game on offense, and it always seems like the other players on the offense and Wilson are out of sync.

Well, we might have an answer for why that last part is happening.

92.5 Altitude Sports Radio in Denver has former Seahawks and Broncos offensive lineman Tyler Polumbus as a co-host, and on Wednesday’s Polumbus and Hastings show he said some interesting things about Wilson and his adjustment to Denver and the Broncos offense.

“Russ is losing his mind out there,” Polumbus said. “He’s using audibles from the Seahawks. The guys don’t know the audibles. He’s using codewords that the guys don’t know.”

This was seemingly verified by Broncos insider Benjamin Allbright later in the day.

A reminder: it’s Week 10! We’re in November and Wilson is still using the audibles he learned as a member of the Seahawks. I honestly feel kinda bad for Wilson and the Broncos, with all of the pressure that was put on them this season and they’ve still got their car in the garage parked.

I’m sure there are players who still think they’re using the checks from their old teams through like week two or something. But if these problems continue into Week 10 feels like a larger problem with both the player and the offense.

The Broncos play the Raiders on Sunday in what feels like a make or break game for both teams. Hopefully Russ isn’t calling Seahawks plays in the huddle.